20 HOTTEST Short Hairstyles for Black Women You Need to See

20 HOTTEST Short Hairstyles for Black Women You Need to See

Some of the current trending hairstyles for black women are short hairstyles. These are gaining popularity and for the right reasons too. They are fancy, stylish, and seek to bring out the best of every women. There is definitely something for everyone despite the different face shapes. The following are the top 20 hottest short hairstyles for black women can explore.

Melissa Green’s Cinnamon Roll Short Hairstyle

This hairstyle seeks to bring out the best in women who are looking for a professional yet fun hairdo. The back is trimmed to lie down on your scalp while the front is styled with a sassy look that is not too much. The choice of color brings out the bet of this hairdo. This look was created by Fayetteville, NC hairstylist Melissa Green from Studio 102 Hair Salon LLC. located at 8134 Cliffdale Rd., Fayetteville, NC Give her a call at (910) 494-1359 or (910) 764-3008.

Short Hairstyle with Two Toned Hair Color from Kenya Young

This hairstyle is fun and outgoing. It is not only short but it seeks to bring out a fun experience. It gives a nice haircut at the back of the head and the front leaves some lengthy hair to style. The aspect of color is fun and it falls on one side. The color addition is only at the top ensuring that there is a contrast that leaves the hairstyle eye-catching. Cosmetologist Kenya Young created this look. Kenya is the owner of Young Sassy & Unique Hair Salon located at 3219 Old Chapel Hill Rd.Suite #203, Durham, NC. Give her a call at (919) 444-9089.

Terresa Murray’s “Spunk” Short Hairstyle

This hairstyle is for all the black women who love adventure and still have to meet to their professional objectives. Short as it may be from the back view, the front haircut is lengthy and comes falling to one side with a heightened center. It definitely pronounces adventure. This short haircut is the creation of Panama city cosmetologist Terresa Murray. Terresa is the owner of Hair Explosion Hair Studio located at 1214 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. Feel free to give Terresa a call to make your next appointment at (850) 763-0883.

Che Peterson’s “Blue Thunder” Short Mohawk Hairstyle

This haircut is for the black woman who is out there. It is fun and you can count on it to bring out that adventurous and spiky personality in you. The haircut at the back and sides tones down the Mohawk that comes with slight waves. Che’ Peterson is a master hair stylist whose work has graced many national publications. Che’ is located at All Power Barber & Beauty Salon located at 15 East Brent Ln., Pensacola, FL. Give her a call at (850) 607-6583 in order to set up your next appointment. This is a great example of short hairstyles for black women.

Ashley Wheeler’s Short Hairstyle

This hairstyle is fun yet simplified. However, with addition of the color, which covers all the hair, it is trending and bringing out the best for black women who are adventurous and love some style in it. While you can play around with color, blonde-haired woman is gaining popularity. Ft. Walton Beach, FL cosmetologist Ashley Coutain created this elegant short haircut. Ashley is at Godly Image Hair Studio Inc. located at 1500 Freedom Self Storage, Suite 12. Give her a call at (850) 862-3200 and let her work her magic to create your next signature hairstyle.

Short Hairstyle with Hair Color from Deirdre Clay

This is one of the most popular short hairstyles for black women because it is fun as it comes with some swing to it despite being short. The haircut at the beck lies flat whereas the front seeks to bring out the playful side of you thanks to the highlights of different colors and the hair lift. Deirdre Clay is the creator of this fierce multi-color hairstyle. dee is the owner of Wave Links Hair Studio Inc. located at 5114 Yadkin Rd. Suite #136 in Fayetteville, NC. Give dee a call at (910) 864-8777.

Short Hairstyle with Hair Color from Dre’ Ramseur-Blanton

For all the black women who love short hair but love the addition of a rather lengthy side front this is the hairstyle for you. This is gaining popularity with the professional women who despite bringing out their serious look in the office, they love to be fun when out for dinner. This signature haircut was created by Dre’ Ramseur-Blanton from Hair Infiniti Wellness Salon located at 520 Collins Aikman Drive, Studio E205 in Charlotte NC. Dre’ would love to create your next signature look. Give her a call at (980) 219-8464 or (704) 726-5467.

Tapered Haircut with Hair Color from Leslie Brown

This hairstyle is fun and adventurous as it comes with a combination of three different lengths and the inclusion of color will definitely attract your eye. Though it is categorized as short, the back part is lengthy all the way to your back whereas the side is very short. This is like bringing together two sides of a coin. Charlotte NC cosmetologist Leslie Brown is a master at precision hair cutting. Leslie is located at The Style The Look The Salon located at 2805 South Blvd.. Feel free to give her a call at (704) 527-0200 to make your next appointment. 

Dre’ Ramseur Blanton’s “Flipped Decision” Short Haircut

This haircut brings out the simplicity in you but at the same time comes with its own complexity to ensure you are stylish and trending all thanks to it. It comes with hair color to place emphasis for the fun woman. This is another dynamic haircut from Charlotte, NC cosmetologist Dre’ Ramseur-Blanton.

Beautiful Gray Tapered Hairstyle from Dre’ Ramseur-Blanton

This hairstyle goes very well with the fuller woman with a pear shaped head. It is short but you can play around with the front and style it to come to the front. The small waves make it fun yet retain your simplicity and preserved nature. This is another dynamic haircut from Charlotte, NC cosmetologist Dre’ Ramseur-Blanton.

Quanshanna Lewis’ “Fire Bomb” Asymmetrical Bob Hairstyle

This here is for the professional woman who loves style and color to match. The layered sides add some fun into it and the bangs bring out that chic finish every woman deserves. All the hair flows towards the right giving you that sexy yet professional look. Quanshanna Lewis created this hairstyle, Quanshanna is located at Q Hair Elements Salon, located at 1133 Professional Park Drive in Brandon, FL. Give her a call at (813) 508-1319 to set your next appointment.

Mohawk with Tapered Sides and Hair Color from Kimberly Stennett

This is one of the short hairstyles for black women that spell out adventurous. While it resembles a Mohawk, the center is all spiky and with the addition of highlight, which is colored here and there, you cannot afford not to love this short hairstyle. Kimberly Stennett is a Master Cosmetologist from the Dallas, TX area. Kimberly added highlights to this mohawk to give this look a little more flare. Kimberly can be found at Stennett Studio, located at 214 Main Street, Suite #103 in Duncanville. Give her a call at (972) 742-8446 to set your next appointment.

Short Hairstyle with Spikes and Hair Color from Cindy Pierce

This haircut is for the calm and warm black woman who still wants to stand out. The two shades of brown complement each other. Whether you are on official business or out having fun, this is ideal for you. This is because the color is not too out there while the crown is spiky. Cindy Pierce is an artistic cosmetologist whose work has been featured in national publications for many years.  Cindy is the owner of Hair One Styling Salon, located at 2209 N. Centennial St. in High Point, NC. Cindy can be reached at (336) 887-3635.

Short Mohawk with Flips from Regina Horton

When a dinner or classy social event is calling, this is the hairstyle for you. It is chic, stylish, and sexy as it brings out the best of your facial features. It is elegant and it will compliment your height. The crown is spiky and styled towards the side whereas the rest of the hair gathers at the center in a Mohawk shape with a touch of elegance.

Short Haircut with Highlights from Katrice Thompkins

This hairstyle is fun yet toned down with the exclusion of color. However, it still seeks to define a sexy and professional black woman. The different haircut directions draw attention and for all the right reasons. This timeless short hairstyle was created by Charlotte NC. cosmetologist Katrice Thompkins. Give Katrice a call at (704) 733-0412.

Short Bob Haircut from Katrina Ammons

This hairstyle is fun, sexy, as well as chic. Whether you are in the office or out clubbing, be sure to stand out. It may be more reserved thanks to the black color. However, the soft layering speaks volumes enabling you to stand out from the crowd. Hampton, VA cosmetologist Katrina Ammons created this short haircut. Katrina is the owner of A Perfect Image Hair Salon located at 1029 West Mercury Blvd. give Katrina a call at (757) 262-0021 for your next appointment.

Medium Haircut with Honey Hair Color from Deirdre Clay

This neck length hairstyle has a contemporary look that not only defines elegance but also spells out sassy, fun, and outgoing. The hair color may be daring but its inclusion brings out the fun in you. It is layered towards the center with clear-cut side bangs. The fuller feel goes a long way into creating a lovely body to your hair.

Punk Rock Long Hairstyle with Spikes from Deirdre Clay

This hairstyle is shoulder length but is created with a shorter crown that is spiked. The crown also features a hot pink highlight that will definitely add color that is bound to get that naughty side of you out. This is more noticeable with the addition of the asymmetrical bangs.

Spiked Flips Short Hairstyle from Tammy Herod

This popular spiked hairstyle that incorporates short flips to create a fuller hair body. The layering at the back cannot go unnoticed as the volume increases as you approach the crown. The crown is more erect with the spikes creating a taller illusion thus making it ideal for all face types. Oxford, MS Master Stylist Tammy Herod created this elegant short haircut. Tammy is the owner of Tammy’s Hair Gallery located at 2508 University Ave.. Give Tammy a call at (662) 236-2008 to make your next appointment.

Kenyetta Ross’ Stunning, Short and Chic Bob Hairstyle

This hairstyle seeks to bring out your fun and sexy touch to life. This makes it appealing for official businesses as well as playtime when going out for some fun. This is a fun haircut that is all-purpose no matter the occasion. The addition of hair color works great to accentuate your facial appearance. Panama City cosmetologist Kenyetta Ross created this look. Kenya’s salon is Quality Hair Works, 1322 Luverne Ave.. Give Kenyetta a call at (850) 784-0448 and let her create your next signature look.

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