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Finding the perfect hairstylist is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. We created this hair salon locator to make that task a little easier. The right connection can create years of great memories. There is a special bond between a client and their professional hairstylist. To have someone you trust so completely that you can just close your eyes and when you open them, you’re looking at the perfect hairstyle for your personality.

Hair Salons Locator

UniversalSalons.Com is honored to have compiled a database of professional hair salons across the United States. Each of these hair salons has participated in our professional hair salons photo shoots. This means that we have a personal relationship with these businesses. Our salon finder gives you the ability to get more than just the salon phone number and address. You can see actual photos of the hairstyles created by each professional hairstylist. This gives you the ability to see the hairstylists work before you book your appointment.

The salon information found in our salon locator is linked to separate pages that give even more information about each hair salon and professional hairstylist. Our goal at UniversalSalons.Com is to be the place to go when you want up to date information about the best hair salons in your area.

New Salons Always Added

Every week, UniversalSalons.Com adds new hairstyles to our galleries and new hair salons to our hair salons locator.  You can always check back often to see the new talent that around your area. We’re honored to be the place where the public can go to find up to date, trendsetting hairstyles as well as the professional hair salons that created those looks.

Take a moment to look through our hair salons locator. Our hope is that you will find that one salon that you will create a relationship with that will last for years.


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The state of Georgia with Atlanta as its capital is one of the most populous states in the United States and it has a lot to offer. Commonly referred by its nickname, Empire State of the South or Peach State, it is delightful and the people are warm and welcoming. This creates a large base of talent for those of you that are looking for a new hair salon.

Referring to quality hair salons, you cannot visit any town in Georgia and not visit Georgia’s hair salons. This is because they deliver on style and hair care no matter the type of hair and demands they have to work with. It is all about ensuring your quality satisfaction. As it is said, your hair’s appearance greatly contributes towards your beauty. In this, doing it right to perfection is the key.

Georgia hair salons have the experience and expertise to ensure they can bring out the best of your features by helping you pick out the best hairdo to suit your specific preferences. As you enjoy Georgia’s scenery, ensure you have the perfect hairdo to reinforce your photos and make those memorable moments count. Whether it is short hair or long hair, you are covered.

Georgia professional salons take hair dressing as an art. You can be sure that your hair is in safe hands. Depending on which part of Georgia you are in, you will find a professional hair salon to work with. The results and outcomes speak volumes and you have no reason not to explore these services.

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Photo of Hair ER Salon
Contact: Booh Weave
Work 5005 Snap Fingerwood Drive Decatur GA 30038 Work Phone: (404) 729-3684 Website:
Photo of Mz. Magic Wand Hair Co.
Work 3056 Anvilblock Rd. Ellenwood GA 30294 United States Work Phone: (770) 330-9288 Website:
Photo of Upscale Hair Salon
Work 2816 Bee Road Savannah GA 31401 Home Phone: (912) 232-5206 Website:
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