Medium or mid-length hairstyles are just as beautiful and fashion-forward as the more popular hairstyles or longer and shorter hair. For some time, medium hairstyles were considered “transition” hairstyles. These are worn only while the client was letting their hair grow into a longer length. Medium hairstyles are styles that range in length from the bottom of the ear to the top of the shoulder. Today, professional hairstylists from across the USA are creating trendsetting hairstyles just for medium hair lengths. Now, medium hairstyles are actually the desired length, not just a transition.

Medium Hairstyles USA

Medium hairstyles give you the length you need for a more intricate curl pattern. The length gives you more opportunities to highlight movement in the hair. You can do this through either a curl pattern technique or a custom hair color application. In a sense, mid-length hairstyles can give you the best of both worlds. You can have the edginess and bold lines of a short hairstyle as well as the intricate curl patterns of a longer look. What was once a simple stopgap measure that would hold you over until your hair grew out, has become a hairstyle fashion destination in its own right. Medium length hairstyles have created their own fashion niche. They include some of the hottest hairstyles in the USA.

One of the driving forces behind the popularity of medium hairstyles in the USA is the number of black celebrities who have decided to sport their own mid-length look. Superstars like Halle Berry and Taraji P. Henson have helped to bring medium length hairstyles to the forefront of the fashion industry. Celebrities from Keri Hilson to Rhianna are all sporting mid-length hairstyles lately also. Now that black celebrities have opened the door, professional hairstylists are bringing innovative and artistic medium hairstyles to your community.

UniversalSalons.Com Has a HUGE Medium Hairstyles Gallery

UniversalSalons.Com is honored to feature over 450 medium length hairstyles from some of the most prestigious hair salons across the USA. Every one of these hairstyles were created by professional hairstylists. This means that the techniques used to create these looks will not damage a client’s own hair, whether it included adding hair extensions or a complicated hair color process. Rest assured that the medium length hairstyles featured in these pages will look good and they can be achieved without damaging your hair also. With such a large variety of medium length hairstyles to choose from, we’re confident you’ll find that one style that perfectly fits your style and personality.

If you don’t see your perfect hairstyle today, don’t worry. At UniversalSalons.Com we are constantly updating our hairstyle galleries with new images of trendsetting hairstyles also. If you don’t see your perfect mid-length hairstyle here, feel free to check back often.