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Ombre hairstyles are one of the hottest trends in the beauty industry. The word ombre is French for shade, and it describes the multicolor effect hair has when it is colored. Your hair color will be dark at the roots and lighter blonde on the bottom. Over the course of time, ombre hairstyles have changed in definition. Today’s ombres don’t just transition from darker roots to a blonde hair color at the end. They include any darker shade at the roots transitioning to any lighter shade at the end. The contrast can either be subtle or more dramatic. Most women like the ombre look because of the fashion statement as well as it extends the time between hair saloon appointments. The images featured on these pages are some of the hottest hombre hairstyles in the USA.

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Use a Professional to Achieve Your Ombre Hairstyle

Ombre hairstyles require a precise hair color technique in order to achieve the desired gradient from a darker hair color to a lighter one. Therefore, the use of a professional hairstylist is highly recommended. It is very easy to miscalculate the times and or color mixtures required to create your ombre look. Professional hairstylists like the ones featured in these images understand the complexities related to creating an ombre hairstyle. The professionals featured here are some of the most talented in the USA.

Ombre Hairstyle USA

This page is dedicated to showcasing the hottest ombre hairstyles for black women in the USA. Each of the ombre hairstyles featured on these pages were created by professional hairstylists across the United States. These hairstyles are regularly featured in some of the most prestigious hair publications in the black hair industry. The professional hairstylists that created these looks are at the top of their field. With dozens of hairstyles to choose from, our hope is that you will find that one ombre style that you just can’t live without. Along with the images of the hairstyles, we have also included the contact information for the professional hairstylist that created the look. This way, if you wish, you can receive your ombre hair color from the professional hairstylist that created the look you fell in love with.

Regularly Updated with the Newest Ombre Hairstyles

As you browse through the pages of our ombre hairstyles gallery, remember to come back often because we update our gallery with new hairstyles on a regular basis. We showcase hairstyles from hair salons across the USA. As long as ombres remain popular in African American culture, the hair salons we work with will continue to come up with new variations of ombre hair color. The professional hairstylist that participate in our photoshoots will always push the envelope. Their passion for the industry along with their artistic abilities will always create new and exciting ombre hairstyles that will remain the hottest in the USA.

Ombre Hair Color-from-Aniya-Oden
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Taking Care of Your Ombre at Home

We can’t express strongly enough that you should utilize the services of a professional hairstylist when you decide to get an ombre color service. If your ombre was created correctly, taking care of your new hair color at home should be rather simple. We suggest you use a color-safe shampoo and conditioner in your regular routine. Keep the hair and scalp hydrated as well. You should also wrap your hair at night with a silk or satin bonnet.

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