The Ultimate Guide to the Best Black Hairstyles for 2021

Loc Updos

Niva Grimball Created One of Charleston, SC's Top Loc Updo Hairstyles
Stylist: Nivi Grimball / Salon: Samiyah’s Hair Styling Salon, Charleston, SC
Salon Ph: (843) 571-2673 / Model: Lynette / Makeup: Nivi Grimball

This locs updo hairstyle is perfect for those that are in-between lengths or are fairly new to their locs journey also. This hairstyle was created by Nivi Grimball, a professional hairstylist and loc specialist located at Samiyah’s Hair Styling Salon in Charleston, SC.  This updo is refined with a subtle hint of color in the front also. The look will wear well at any type of event from a corporate meeting to an elegant black-tie affair also. Their versatility and easy maintenance are two of the reasons many women who are new to their natural hair journey choose locs updo hairstyles. This is why locs updo are such popular Black hairstyles for 2020 & 2021 also. Nivi Grimball makes sure that her clients who make this choice are looking runway ready when they leave her salon.

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