The Ultimate Guide to the Best Black Hairstyles for 2021

Rainbow Hair Colors

Short Rainbow Hair Color in Greensboro, NC
Stylist: Jennifer Nealey / Salon: Hair Favor in Greensboro, NC / Salon Phone: (336) 423-6396 Model: Tiffany / Makeup: Chandra

Professional hairstylists in the Black hair community have embraced the fun and vibrant looks created with rainbow hair colors also. The exciting mix of colors will always be an attention-getter at any type of event also. Rainbow hair colors are not just for special situations also. Many fashionistas are sporting their colorful styles in their everyday lifestyles. The hottest segment sporting these beautiful multi-colored looks are the women with short, natural hair. There’s just something about today’s Black woman with short natural hair that is drawing them into this color sensation. We asked Jennifer Nealey, one of the most respected colorists in the Black hair care industry, to give us some pointers on achieving and maintaining an awesome short rainbow hair color on Black women.

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