The Ultimate Guide to the Best Black Hairstyles for 2021

Mid-Length Hairstyles for Black Women

Cute Medium Hairstyle for Naturally Curly Hair from Nikki Glasgow in Columbia, SC
Stylist: Phd Nikki Glasgow / Salon: Studio Seven Salon / Model: Bianca / Makeup: Enrika Wilds

Medium or mid-length hairstyles are just as beautiful and fashion-forward as the more popular hairstyles or longer and shorter hair. For some time, medium hairstyles were considered “transition” hairstyles. These are worn only while the client was letting their hair grow into a longer length. Medium hairstyles are styles that range in length from the bottom of the ear to the top of the shoulder. Today, professional hairstylists from across the USA are creating trendsetting hairstyles just for medium hair lengths. Now, medium hairstyles are actually the desired length, not just a transition.

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