The Ultimate Guide to the Best Black Hairstyles for 2021

Short Brush Cut Hairstyles

Short Brush Cut Hairstyle with Hair Color
Salon: Crystal Clear Salon & Spa / Stylist: Tiffany Houston / Model: Tatianna / Make Up: Jocelyn Combs

This hairstyle is fierce in so many ways. It’s a short brush-cut hairstyle with hair color and a design part that circles the head. Any one of these attributes signifiy an air of confidence but to incorporate all of them into one hairstyle is off the charts. The short brush haircut is created using a clipper cut technique for precision also. To achieve the color, the hair stylist, Tiffany Hudson, lifted the model’s natural hair color and then created this custom platinum blond mixture. Tiffany finished the hairstyle with an intricate design part that goes all the way around the head.

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