The Ultimate Guide to the Best Black Hairstyles for 2021

Two-Strand Twists Black Hairstyles

Model With Two-Strand Twists Black Hairstyle
Stylist: Deirdre Clay / Salon: Wave Links Hair Studio Inc. in Fayetteville, NC / Salon Phone: (910) 864-8777 / Model: Ianna / Makeup: Asia Carter

This funky two-strand twist hairstyle features a bold custom hair color also. The color is a custom combination of different hues of browns and blondes. Deirdre Clay, a professional hairstylist from Wave Links Hair Studio in Fayetteville, NC designed this look on the model’s relaxer free hair. This hairstyle is perfect for any occasion. You can wear it as a daily office hairstyle or an elegant evening look.

Best Black Hairstyles for 2021

These are the HOTTEST Black hairstyles trending for 2020 & 2021

  1. Loc Extensions

    Now you can achieve the look of a well-seasoned loc hairstyle with the help of permanent loc extensions.

  2. Knotless Box Braids

    There is an allure to knotless box braids that harken back to ancient times.

  3. Lace Front Wigs

    Lace front wigs are designed to be a quick alternative to wearing your own hair out in the elements.

  4. Ponytails

    Ponytail are the perfect attire for everyday wear or an elegant evening out also

  5. Microlinks

    Microlink Hair Extensions are healthy, braid less way to add length to your current hairstyle.

  6. Bohemian Curls

    Bohemian Curls are one of those carefree, get-up-and-go hairstyles that, just happens to fall in place perfectly

  7. Silk Press Hairstyles

    When black women want long flowing hair without the use of harsh chemicals, their go-to technique is the silk press.

  8. Goddess Braids

    Goddess braids are large braids that take up most of the hair as it winds its way around your head.

  9. Asymmetrical Haircuts

    The bold lines and harsh angles are designed to showcase the model’s confidence and her zest for life.

  10. Relaxer Free Black Hairstyles

    As more Black women make the decision to transition back to their relaxer free curl texture, professional hair salons across America are introducing new techniques that push the boundaries of fashion.

  11. Balayage Color

    Balayage hair colors are cuistomized for each client. It’s a major trend in Black hairstyles for 2020 & 2021. 

  12. Rainbow Hair Colors

    The exciting mix of colors will always be an attention-getter at any type of event.

  13. Natural Black Hairstyles

    The natural hair revolution is definitely here to stay. Black women have been embracing their natural locks in larger numbers over the years also.

  14. Braid Out Hairstyles

    Braid out hairstyles are a great way for African American women to showoff and enhance their natural curl pattern.

  15. Short Haircuts for Black Women

    Short hairstyles for black women are currently all the rage. They are the hottest look for women of all ages, expressing their creativity, confidence, and individuality also.

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