The Ultimate Guide to the Best Black Hairstyles for 2021

Natural Locks for Black Women

Natural Locks Updo Ponytail
Stylist: Nacole Brown / Salon: Co Co’s Natural Hair Salon in Fayetteville, NC / Salon Phone: (910) 487-2958 / Model: Maria / Deirdre Clay

Natural locks have always been a part of African American fashion. Whether male or female, locks are a beautiful way to pay homage to our ancestry. While they do make a powerful fashion statement, locks are about so much more than a hairstyle, they are a way of life. When you begin your locks journey, you will experience a kinship with your hair in its natural state. As time goes by, you will re-twist your hair periodically to keep your locks healthy and your partings uniform. Locks can be worn in any type of environment also. They look great in the corporate world and you can pull them up into an updo for workouts.

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