Urban Curly Bob Hairstyles from Jacquard Daniels

Salon: The Jman Experience Hair Studio
Stylist: Jacquard Daniels
Model: Ikesha
Make Up: Deirdre Clay

There are many creative hairstyles for a black woman. The style that a woman chooses can reflect her personality and character. One of the popular hairstyles that women want is this urban curly bob hairstyle. This type of style looks cute on any woman and does not take a lot of work to maintain. It is a fun hairstyle and has a nice feminine look. The curly bob hairstyle will not only give a fresh, sexy appeal but can be managed very easily with limitless effort. There are several steps a black woman can take to get this beautiful hairstyle.
The first step is to shampoo the hair with a moisturizing shampoo. The moisturizing shampoo gives the hair a vibrant texture. It would also be recommended to use a moisturizing conditioner for a soft shine. The hair can then be dried naturally or a blow dryer can be used. Once the hair is dry, cut the hair in a bob style fashion. This can be done with can be done by combing the hair in sections with a comb. Then cut take the scissors and cut the hair in a transformation of a bob style.
Once the urban bob hairstyle is complete you can begin the curl transformation. The curl gives the bob cut a unique and classy appeal. If the woman has naturally curly hair; a gel or mouse product can be applied. When applying the styling gel use a comb that has a wide tooth. A wide tooth comb increases a thorough distribution of the styling gel. Start at the root of the hair and comb the styling product down to the tip of the hair. When performing this step, it is best to divide the hair; until each section of hair is evenly covered. This will keep the curls in place and prevent them from becoming frizzy. The styling products help maintain the shine and texture of the hair. It also keeps the curls in place for a long-lasting effect.
If the hair is straightened and you want to obtain the curly effect; then follow these steps. Use a comb and divide the hair into sections. The width of the sections depends on the type of curls that you want. For smaller curls, divide the hair into small sections. Use a curling iron and curl the hair. The curls will look like ringlets when taken out of the curling iron. Ensure that the curls are going in the same direction for a naturally curly look.
If you want the curls to be bigger and bolder; then divide the hair into bigger sections. Use the curling iron in the same manner and continue the process until all strands of the hair is curled. To maintain the urban curly bob hairstyles, it is best to spritz the hair with spray to keep it in place. This will also keep the curls intact, without separating and decreases frizz.
The popular urban curly bob hairstyles will give you a fresh new appearance. Your friends and family will be amazed at how beautiful and magnificent this style looks. 

This soft curly hairstyle was created by Jacquard L. Daniels from The Iman Experience Hair Studio in Darlington, SC.  Check out his website or give him a call at (803) 260-0822 to book your next appointment.

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