Mikiko Boyd is an Innovative, Trendsetting Hairstylist in Fayetteville, NC

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Mikiko-BoydMikiko “Nat” Boyd is a native of Fayetteville North Carolina and has been a professional cosmetologist for 20 years. Mikiko’s hair journey began in November 1999 after successfully completing cosmetology school at Mitchell’s Hairstyling Academy in Fayetteville NC. Mikiko
believes in continuing her education, therefore she engages in look and learn, and hands-on classes under some of the greatest in the industry. Mikiko has successfully completed hands-on cutting, coloring, business, and makeup classes under Dudley, Influance Hair Care, Design Essentials, Mpact Beauty, and Dimensions of Color.

Mikiko loves to customize cuts and hair color for her guests. She believes that you are uniquely you and your cut and color deserve to reflect that. Mikiko is currently enrolled in Cap Camp under the direction of Master Stylist Lashanda Hill. This class will enable Mikiko to stretch her business in making custom short wigs. In 2008 Mikiko was granted an opportunity to work with Influance Hair Care Company as a support technician. While working with Influance, Mikiko discovered her love for education and wanting to teach other stylists in the industry. After two years of hard work and dedication, Mikiko was granted an opportunity and happily accepted the offer to become a part of the National Technician Team of Influance (2010-2012). That was a dream come true, as Mikiko was afforded countless opportunities to teach at various educational events with the company. Her greatest experience was teaching at the National Educational Symposium held annually in Virginia.

Mikiko Boyd is a Healthy Hair Care Specialist

In 2009 Mikiko became co-owner of Artistry Hair Gallery located in Fayetteville NC. For six years
Mikiko proudly served her community with a level of excellent service. Mikiko specializes in healthy hair and loves reviving the hair. She believes that healthy hair is a staple in your life. Your hair matters just like your body does. Your hair is one of the first things seen when looking at a person. Your hair is an awesome God-given blessing and it should be well taken care of at all times. Having healthy hair enables one to go the distance when coloring, cutting and styling the hair. The shine, luster, silkiness, body, and flow are all languages that the hair itself speaks when it is healthy and well maintained. Mikiko loves to see the hair “talk” to her.

In December of 2012, Mikiko made a decision to answer her call to minister the Word of God.
On August 11, 2013, Mikiko did her initial sermon at Rivers of Life Christian Church under the
covering of her Pastor’s Kelvin and Regina Williamson. Mikiko serves as a Minister, Outreach
Coordinator, Teen Instructor, and Intercessor. Mikiko loves serving the people of God to fulfill
His purpose. God has blessed Mikiko with a Ministry to serve women entitled, “God’s Precious
Jewels.” God’s Precious Jewels help women to know their worth, bravery, capability, value, and
who they are in Christ. God has allowed Mikiko to take her ministry behind the chair as well.
Mikiko believes that ministry is just not for the four walls of the church but for everyone she
comes into contact with, whether it is a smile, a hug, encouraging words, or providing a hair

Mikiko loves working within the Black Haircare Industry and has had the honor of being
published in Sophisticate’s Black Hair Styles and Hype Hair. Mikiko believes your hair reflects
your personality and it brings out the fierceness in you.