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Beautiful Braided Updo with Hair Color

Beautiful Braided Updo with Hair Color from Tish Summers

People are always wanting something different for an updo. Braiding can be fun, but sometimes black women feel they may not have a lot of options when it comes to braids hairstyles. For a night out or just something to keep in the hair for a while, a person might want an extravagance. This braided …

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Braided Updo Keeps Your Hair Hair Healthy As Well

Braided Updo from Shamone Barnes Keeps Your Hair Healthy As Well

Master Stylist Shamone Barnes creates a healthy hair environment with this classic updo hairstyle. The look features commercial hair that was chosen based on the porosity and texture of the model’s natural hair. Shamone was careful to ensure that this hairstyle would be sculptured and soft to the touch. This is in order to avoid …

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