If you think that curly hairstyles are difficult to maintain, you may be right. The truth is, the trick to curly styles is getting the right hairstylist.

Someone who knows how to work with curly hair is likely to do the best job. That’s why our gallery features the best stylists for black women’s hair in the business.

Over 700 Curly Hairstyles for Black Women to Choose From

Natural Braid Out Hairstyle with Vivid Hair Color
Stylist: Brittany Casterlow / Salon: B.Glam Beauty / Salon Phone: (336) 601-3603 / Mode: Destiny / Makeup: Chandra Peak

We know that your hair can be a magnificent mass of curls. But to get it to not stand up on its ends is a lot of demanding work. We want you to be able to express yourself without the extra personality. You might want to keep your curls but lose the struggle each morning.

Curly hairstyles are popular among ladies. That’s because it can be sexy and sultry. A lot of people view it as the type of hair that has the most appeal.

Stunning Crochet Hair Locs Protective Style from Dre’ Ramseur

Crochet Hair Locs Protective Black Hairstyle from Dre' Ramseur in Charlotte, NC
Stylist: Dre’ Ramseur / Salon: Hair Infiniti wellness Salon / Model: Kamryn / Makeup: Jocelyn Combs

This crochet look is a protective hairstyle using hair additions. The definition of the crochet curls is accentuated by the brown highlights also. The look was created by Dre’ Ramseur from Hair Infiniti Wellness Salon in Charlotte, NC.

You Must See This Incredible Rainbow Hair Color from Jennifer Nealy

Rainbow Hair Color Ideas for black Women
Stylist: Jennifer Nealey / Salon: Hair Favor in Greensboro, NC / Mode: Palmer / Makeup: Queen Combs

This rainbow hair color hairstyle was created by Greensboro, NC hair stylist Jennifer Nealy from Hair Favor Salon. The look features corkscrew curls that bounce as the model moves and falls in place when she stops. These curls are fun and work really well with the vibrant rainbow hair colors used.

Vibrant Cool Curly Hairstyle with Hair Color from Pamela Webster

Cover: Spiral Curl Hairstyle with Hair Color

Spice up your life with this beautiful cinnamon curly hairstyle with hair color created by Pamela Webster. This free-flowing style is cute and manageable. An understated curly do is hard to make look modern and trendy, but it was accomplished here when coupled with color. Highlights have been a favorite for many years, and there is no sign of that changing in the future also.

Short Natural Hairstyle with Curls and Color from Tasha Hull

Short Hairstyle with Hair Color and Curls from Tasha Hull

This short curly hairstyle is natural and features an auburn hair color also. The look was created by Ft. Worth hairstylist Tasha Hull from Alter Ego Styling Studio. The sides are cut close and the back is tapered also.

Natural Hairstyle with Braided Knots from Erma Stephens

Natural Hairstyle with Braided Knots

This is a fun, flirty natural hairstyle with braided knots and a tight curl pattern. The look was created by Ft. Walton Beach, FL hair stylist Erma Stephens The braids along the side of the head run in multiple directions adding some visual interest also. The other side of the head is a mass of curls. It looks great to have the dichotomy showcased from any angle.

Worlds of Curly Hairstyles for Black Women

Trendsetting Curly Invisible Ponytail by Alexandra Sims

But what isn’t appealing about curly hair is frizz and half-formed curls. That’s why our stylists are also educators. They will help you to purchase the right products so that you can get up and go with minimal styling.

Having great hair will always take work. That’s why everyone notes when another person seems to pull it off so seamlessly. Not everyone with curly hair can rock it properly if they aren’t trained to style it. And that all starts with the perfect cut followed by the right maintenance also.

Intense Red Hair Color on Natural Curly Hair from Deanna Burton

Check Out This Intense Red Hair Color on Natural Hair
Stylist: Deanna Burton / Salon: John O’Brien Hair Salon in Statesville, NC / Salon Phone: (704) 450-2919 / Model: Taccarra / Makeup: Jocelyn Combs

This hairstyle features what Deanna likes to call, “a sexy wild berry red” hair color. The color is applied over the model’s natural hair. Afterward, Deanna added textured curls throughout the head. The curls add definition to the style and help to make the hair color more vibrant also.

Elegant, Pixie Hairstyle with Pin Curls and Hair Color from Booh Weave

Short Hairstyle with Pin Curls and Hair Color
Salon: Hair ER / Stylist: Booh Weave / Model: Chantel / Make Up: Enrika Wilds

This is a beautiful example of a short hairstyle with pin curls and red hair color. The look was completed by Ellenwood, GA hair stylist Booh Weave. Booh created this elegant, short pixie hairstyle with pin curls and hair color also. Natural hairstyles and healthy hair are increasing in prominence in the black hair industry.

Natural Hairstyle with Red Hair Color from Sakeyta Roberts

Natural Curly Hairstyle with Fire Red Hair Color
Salon: Be A Doll Hair Salon. / Stylist: Sakeyta Roberts / Model: Ranae / Make Up: Crystal Dickson

This naturally curly hairstyle for black women features curls and a fire red hair color also. This look was created by Arlington, TX hairstylist Sakeyta Roberts from Be A Doll Hair Salon.

If you are tired of having half-done hair every day, you are not alone. Many ladies with curly hair, or who want to have curly hair, feel the same way. But with a great stylist and a little bit of effort, you can pull off the curly hairstyles that you choose.

So, browse our gallery and find the creative curly hairstyles option that works for you also.

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