The Secret to a Sexy, Smart, Savvy Men’s Locs Hairstyle

Men's Locs Hairstyle

Have you seen men with locs walking by admired how they got such an amazing, twisted hairstyle? Locs are among the most fashionable and popular hairstyles for men today. Also referred to as dreadlocks, or locks, locs characterize an independent, free and bohemian lifestyle but you should not let the stereotype stop you from rocking locs hairstyles. You probably love short locs as your hair is still short. For men with short hair, short locs or mini dreads are the early stages of hair dreading and makes it easier to grow full locks later on.

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Colorful Men’s Natural Hairstyle from Termekia Bentley

Men's Hairstyle with Bright Vibrant Hair Color

This vibrant men’s hairstyle makes good use of hair color in order to make the model’s hairstyle pop. The look was created by West Palm Beach, FL cosmetologist Termekia Bentley from Karline’s Salon. Give Termekia a call at (561) 471-0900.