Cute natural hairstyles are fun, trendy, and therefore they are always in demand. First of all, these hairstyles allow a woman to let her personality show through. She can wear her hair up, down or any way that she feels comfortable also. Hair salons that know how to work with African American hair can offer a variety of natural hairstyles. They show the individual how to take care of it so that it will last without needing to be redone, therefore you will have fewer trips to the salon. The natural hair phenomena are here to stay. As the demand for these beautiful hairstyles continues to increase, rest assured that the professional hairstyles in the black hair industry will continually create new and innovative hairstyle trends for their clients.

Natural Hairstyle Cut Into a Layered Bob

Stylist: Star Hewitt / Salon: The Remedy Salon / Salon Ph.: (919) 641-3742 / Model: Sharia / Makeup: Chandra Peak

Cute Natural Hairstyles

The natural hairstyles featured in this gallery were created by some of the most prestigious hair salons in the US.  All of the looks featured contain the contact information of the talented cosmetologists that created them. The looks feature different angles of the hairstyles also. If you happen to see your next “to die for”, hairstyle in our gallery of over 290 cute natural hairstyles, contact the hair salon that created the style and let them create your next signature hairstyle.

The Left side View of a Model's Natural Hair Mohawk Hairstyle for black Women

Stylist: Nivi Grimball / Salon: Samiyah’s Hair Styling Salon, Charleston, SC / Salon Ph: (843) 571-2673 / Model: Ulonda / Make Up: Nivi Grimball

Keeping the Hair Healthy

Today’s black women are choosing to forego the chemicals and heat normally associated with black hair care. They have made the decision to take ownership of their natural curl pattern. They not only make a bold fashion statement but to also create a new trend in the hair industry. One that places priorities on keeping the hair healthy. As more and more African American women are embracing their natural hair texture and curl pattern, a new hair care industry is emerging. Entrepreneurs across the US are heading the call of this nationwide movement and creating natural hair products that will suit the demands of the natural hair clientele.

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Cover: Elegant Short Hair and Bangs from Ursula Kershaw in Charleston, SC

Stylist: Ursula Kershaw / Salon: The Studio, North Charleston, SC / Salon Ph: (843) 364-4049 / Model: Sonserae / Makeup: Ursula Kershaw

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