Curly Lace Wig Ponytail for Black Women

Curly Lace Wig Ponytail for Black Women from Denise Granberry

This curly lace wig ponytail for black women is another trendsetting creation from Denise Granberry from Global Tresses Virgin Hair in Fayetteville, NC. Black women have always been at the forefront of trendsetting fashion techniques. The ability of black women to move the fashion needle is especially prevalent in the hair industry. Recently, fashion has …

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Halo Braid Black Hair

Halo Braid Black Hairstyle from Janee Hunter

Halo braid black hair let you know where the angels are on earth! Janee Hunter has created a halo braid that the heavenly hosts would rock. Varying colors through out the style earns and keeps our excitement,also the ponytail adds flair. This is not your everyday pony tail. All these elements make for a divinely …

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