Arlington, Texas Hairstylist Shay Walker

Slay by Shay
7807 S. Cooper St.
Suite 800
Arlington, TX 76001
Phone: (817) 863-1581

I am a stylist and former salon owner originally from St. Louis, Missouri and now I reside in Arlington, Texas.

I am proud to be a suite owner at Salon Spa & Galleria. I’ve been licensed in the industry since 1998. I attended Dudley Cosmetology University in North Carolina where I received top of the line knowledge and skill training in product and hair styling.  I am a very competent stylist with years of knowledge and experience with perfecting the craft behind diverse hair types. A passion for this  industry has allowed me to connect with people and hair of all types and styles. By continuing my
education by means of various different classes attended all over the country, I have been able to expand my knowledge within the industry and offer that same knowledge to you.

You are UNIQUE and so is your hair. I am an expert in styling, healthy hair maintenance, precision
cutting and coloring for your hair to have a youthful and stylish look that suits you! Now it is your turn to discover what you have been missing! I would love to arrange a consultation and set an appointment.