Ft. Worth Hairstylist Tasha Hull

Alter Ego Styling Studio
5689 Westcreek Dr
Suite A
Fort Worth, TX 76133
Phone: (662) 392-6338

Founder, Spa Candy

Owner, Alter Ego Styling Studio

Licensed Cosmetologist , 20 yrs.

Tasha Hull, originally from Mississippi, is married to James Hull, and they have 2 children. She started her journey in the beauty industry at Dudley Beauty College in Kernersville, NC. Tasha is the owner of Alter Ego Styling Studio, located in Ft. Worth, TX. Her passion is making people look good and feel good. Tasha is also the  founder and creator of Spa Candy, a line of bubble bath salts, body scrubs, and body butters. With 9 different fragrances and over 27 products, there is something for everyone to bask in a lil Spa Candy.