Twisted Knot Ponytail with Side Bang from Deedra Mcleod

Hairstyles for black women have evolved greatly over the years. Many of the top hairstyles have been seen worn by top celebrities, musicians and others who enjoy being seen in the spotlight. Fortunately, with all of the different styles that women can pick and choose from today, some of the more noteworthy are those that tend to make women look like they are in a fashion show. Just like the Twisted Knot Ponytail with side Bangs from Deedra Mcleod, this style can be worn for all kinds of different occasions and events. From going on a first date to spending the evening out with a few close friends, this style is one that’s great for boosting confidence and making any woman feel very attractive. With these types of updo hairstyles for black women, it’s a good way to accentuate the person’s best features.

Spicing it up with soft Side Bangs

Side Bangs are always attractive for the black woman when they are shaped and positioned right. With these side bangs being long and full, women can wear this style with confidence. The designer of this style, however, does not stop with the long full bangs that cover most of the forehead, but continues to provide additional complements to this style by ending it with a big sized ring curl that simply spirals down the side of the face.

Choice of Blonde Side Bang

In addition to placing the bangs with a swoop positioned on the right side of the forehead, the stylist has also decided to bring a little extra color into the mix. So, for those women who are interested in wearing a high yellow blonde coloring in the hair to liven things up a little, it can be an exciting luxurious addition to the twisted knot ponytail with side bangs style.

Versatile twisted knot ponytail Style for Diverse Occasions

As previously stated, this style can be worn for many different occasions so women can decide which kind of event that’s their actual preference. High School and college graduations, a casual dinner out with colleagues after hours, there are numerous places that this hairstyle can go today. So, for those who like it and want to wear it for more than one occasion, this attractive hair will look just fine when the person is dressed up or dressed down. Either way, the person that wears it can look their best at all times.

Twisted Knot Ponytail

Another great thing about this hairstyle is women have an opportunity to wear their hair in more than one way. Specifically, if women are wearing long flowing weave in their hair. Meaning instead of always wearing the hair down long and looking the same all of the time, the twisted knot ponytail can make a great change in the woman’s overall looks.

The twisted knot ponytail with side bang is a great look for women who are looking for a versatile style that can be worn for several different occasions. It is a classy long look that black women all over the U.S. will enjoy wearing.