10 Gorgeous Black Hairstyles that Will Keep Hair Healthy

Healthy hair is something that everyone strives for but although many people want their hair to be healthy and strong, not a lot actually achieve it. Hearty hair takes a lot of work to achieve because there are so many steps that have to be completed in order to start the journey to growing and maintaining healthy hair. 

To keep hair healthy, you must start adopting a certain lifestyle and hair care routine. Some of the things you must do to obtain great hair is exercise, eat clean and healthy food, and stay away from dangerous hair chemicals. After incorporating those few things mentioned above, people should start to see a difference in the health of their hair. Also, in order for anyone to maintain the healthiness of their hair, they must wear protective and safe hairstyles. This will protect the hair from damage and also keep it clean.

Style editor Jackie Evans looked over our HUGE style library to find the top 10 black hairstyles that look beautiful and are also healthy.
Style editor Jackie Evans looked over our HUGE style library to find the top 10 black hairstyles that look beautiful and are also healthy.

How can women keep their hair looking great, while staying away from harsh hair treatments and heat? We asked Jackie Evans from All About You Hair Salon in Peoria AZ to give us some tips on healthy hair care as well as search our hairstyle galleries and find 10 drop dead gorgeous hairstyles that will keep your hair healthy at the same time. Jackie has been a professional cosmetologist in hair salons all over the world. Her work is regularly seen in national publications like Sophisticates Black Hair Styles and Care Guide and Hype Hair Magazine. Follow Jackie’s tips and try the black hairstyles below in order to obtain the healthiest hair and to also keep it safe. 

Firstly, one of the things that tend to damage hair is excessive heat so in order to maintain good hair, you must go for a style that does not require a lot to be done in between salon visits. Some healthy hairstyles are bone straight relaxed, curly and short crop hair. These are easy to maintain and do not require a lot of heat to style. For instance with a curly hair, all you have to do is shampoo and allow it to air dry. No heat required. If the hair is relaxed straight, you must make sure to shampoo it once a week or at least once every two weeks and also be sure to use a quality conditioner afterwards. This hair can be roller set and allowed to dry naturally without heat. You must also make sure to wrap it and wear a silk cap or wrap before going to bed. 

Secondly, short cut crop hair can also be healthy if it is cut in layers or bluntly. This will require no heat to style. All that is required is a hair moisturizer and fingers or comb to style it. 

Here is some information on Jackie’s choices for 10 drop dead gorgeous hairstyles that will keep your hair healthy at the same time. These black hairstyles have layers and blunt cuts. They also require less thermal use than most hairstyles:

01.Medium Bob Hairstyle from Kanitra Barrett

This hairstyle is a nicely and sharply cut bob that touches the collar bone right below the neck. This hairstyle is simple and beautiful and is also easy to manage. It also has a blunt cut which is great! Bobs like these can also have layers, which can aid in protecting your hair. You can contact Kanitra at Micah Thomas Studios located at 3273 Salem Rd. Covington,Ga. 30016, or give her a call at (678) 413-2500

02. Long Hairstyle with Soft Curls from Tiffany Cunningham

This hairstyle is simple and great for people who need a hairstyle that is easy to maintain and that will also last for quite a while. To obtain these soft curls, simply put your hair in rollers and either sit under a hair dryer for about and hour or you can use no heat and sleep overnight with the rollers in your hair. When you take out the rollers you should have really tight curls, but your can loosen them by simply using your fingers to separate them and pull them down gently or you can use a brush to smooth them out and calm them down. you can contact Tiffany at Tiffany’s Beauty Garage in Ellenwood GA or call her at (404) 543-8382

03. Long Curly Hairstyle with Curls and Hair Color from Evonda Crittenden

This hairstyle is similar to #9, but this hairstyle is more relaxed. Once again this hairstyle is perfect for people who need a hair-do that will last for a while. In order to achieve this look simply take a small to medium section of your hair and wrap it around a flexi rod. Secure or close the flexi rod by bending it inward so that both ends of the rod are almost touching. Leave your hair in these for a few hours or sleep in them, but it depends how tight you want your curls to be. Remove the rods and enjoy your new curls. No hassle = no stress and no heat = no damage, which is great! You can contact Evonda at Miss Malibu Hair Salon located at 2121 S.48 STREET SUITE 102, TEMPE AZ 85282 or call her at (480)232-2239

04. Long and Luscious Straight Hairstyle from Erma Stephens

This hairstyle is quite simple and is perfect for people who love long silky hair with layers. In order to achieve this hairstyle simply cut layers into your hair. More specifically, start at the bottom of your hair and cut a little bit, then move a little up near your neck and cut a little more and keep going upwards and cutting little by little until you get to your bangs. When you finish you should have thicker and fuller looking hair now that you have layers. Also create a middle part by using a small-toothed comb. You could also use a flat iron on low heat to slightly curl in the ends of your hair to add a little style. At night wrap your hair to protect the style and keep it fresh for the next day. you can contact Erma at Head’s Above Hair Salon in Crestview FL, or call her at (850) 244-3297

05. Beautiful Straight Bob Hairstyle from Paula Russell

This hairstyle is a blunt cut and is extremely stylish and is perfect for people with short hair. Using some hair-styling sciccors, cut some bung that will touch your eyebrows. Then slightly trim the bangs by cutting vertically with the sciccors in order to prevent a blunt-looking cut. Then simply comb the rest of your hair to the sides of your face. At night, don’t forget to wrap the style to keep it fresh!

06. Long Hairstyle with Layers and Highlights from Tadessa Hart

This hairstyle is a medium length and is extremely beautiful. Simply create a middle part using a small comb and comb your hair by the side of your face and using a flat iron on low heat curl the ends of your hair outwards in the opposite direction of your face and comb them to smooth out the style. Simple and fast! This style should last you a month or two depending on how you care for it. Always remember to wrap it at night and moisturize it.

07. Short Blunt Haircut with Layers from LaRhonda Fields

This style is different and unique and is perfect for people with short hair. At the top of your hair near the middle of your scalp use a flat iron on low heat and iron the hair. When your finish, tease the top of your hair so it has volume and kind of sticks out a tiny bit. For your bangs, simply take the flat iron and iron this part of your hair, but make sure to sweep it to the side to create a unique style. Quick and easy!

08. Medium Length Haircut with Hair Color from Karline Ricketts

This style is also for people with hair that is medium length. Use a flat iron on low heat and curl the ends of your hair in towards your neck. Then comb down your bangs and create side bangs by using the flat iron to sweep them toward the sides, outward. This hairstyle only takes five minutes! Wow! The layers will surely help to keep hair protected. You can contact Karline at Karline’s Salon located at 2161 Palm Beach Lakes Boulevard, Suite 206 West Palm Beach, Florida or call her at (561) 471-0900

09. Side Swept- Medium Hairstyle from Tammy Herod

This hairstyle is similar to #3. Simply do the same to the ends of your hair: curl them inward. Then you can take random pieces around your hair if your like and curl them in an outward direction away from your face! Then take your bands and side-sweep them again by using the flat iron and ironing them away from your face. This style is also quick and easy like the last one! Don’t forget to wrap it at night to keep it looking amazing! You can contact Tammy at Tammy’s Hair Gallery located at 2508 University Ave. Oxford, MS 38655 or call her at (662) 236-2008

10. Alviena Middleton’s Red Pompadour Short Haircut with Hair Color

This hairstyle is by far the most unique out of the bunch! It’s great because it’s easy to create and it stays out of your face! Simply take your bangs and the rest of your hair on top of your hair and sweep it back. You can use rollers for the top of your head and then remove them to maintain that curly swept back up-do look or you can use a flat iron and curly your air backwards. You can also either gel down the sides of your hair or shave it off. Simple and different! You can reach Alviena at Blue Velvet Hair Studio located at 13600 Baltimore Ave. Suite 140, Laurel, MD 20707 or call her at (443) 744-5860

Once again, we would like to thank our style editor Jackie Evans from All About You Hair Salon in Peoria AZ for compiling this information as well as this hairstyle list. You can contact Jackie at (623) 334-8855 

Overall, hair is important to everybody because it is what makes us different and unique! Treat your hair well because it is one of the many things that makes you one-of-a-kind!

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