10 Hot Tips for Great Hair in the Summer

MARIECHELE-HEYWARD-31It is officially summertime and your hair knows it. The change in temperature and humidity can lead to an entire bad hair season. Thankfully, there are a few things you can do to keep your tresses tamed and looking good. Follow these simple tips and have the hair you have been dying for.

1.) Shampoo Weekly or Biweekly – There is a common misconception that clean hair means that it has been freshly washed. This is simply not true. Try going a few days without shampooing and you will notice an immediate difference. Great hair styles are hard to create if your hair has been shampooed too frequently.

2.) Do Not Use Grease – Instead of loading your hair with heavy grease try using Botanical Oil. This hot product acts in the same way as grease but is much lighter. The less you have on your head the better.

3.) Trim Your Hair Every 6 to 8 Weeks – Trimming your hair keeps it strong and free from breakage and discoloration. It is easier to create beautiful summer hair styles with trimmed hair.

4.) Get a Protein Treatment Every 6 to 8 Weeks – This is far more important than you might think. Most hair salons offer protein treatments for a good price. Ask around to find the hair salons in your area that do the best job.

5.) Avoid Putting Tension on Hair – Many black hair styles put a lot of tension and strain on your hair. Try the new black hair styles that are more relaxed.

6.) Treat Yourself to an Occasional Weave – It will make you feel beautiful!

7.) Get a Deep Condition with Botanical Oil Weekly or Biweekly – It is worth it.

8.) Avoid Heat – Stay far away from blow dryers and straightening irons. Always cover up with a cute hat when spending a lot of time outdoors.

9.) Wear a Silk Scarf to Bed – This reduces friction caused by cotton pillowcases. It reduces breakage and keeps needing moisture in.

10.) Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle – Be just as aware of what you put in your body as what you put on your hair. Be sure to eat healthy foods and drink lots of water. It is also advisable to take daily vitamins.

Do not live all summer suffering with bad hair days. Faithfully follow these tips and have perfect hair!

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