11 Hot Trendy Hair Color Ideas from Some of Our Most Talented Artists

Nothing can change up your look faster than a new and elegant hair color.  We asked our senior editor Dre’ Ramseur Blanton to search for the hottest hairstyles in our library that involve hair color. Hairstyles and hair color are constantly changing! Each year brings in new styles for the public to wet their appetites. 11 of the hottest hair color hairstyles are here for you to view and you can easily try them out.

Stylist Denise Granberry has developed a smooth and sophisticated style. The medium length bob that she has created is easy to style. The style can be flat ironed or simply blown dry. Denise is the owner of L3 Salon in Fayetteville NC.

Felicia Pollard has developed a sweet and sassy style for clients. The style works best for those with hair that is right at the shoulders. This cut can easily be curled on the ends. The hair color is a shiny brunette with blond highlights on the end. This style can go from day to night easily. Felicia is the owner of D’avlan Salon and Spa in Huntersville NC.

Vonchelique Liggins has developed a curly hair style that looks best when completely pulled up. Tight curls are accented with blonde highlights. vonchelique is a cosmetologist at A TOUCH OF CLASS II in Fayetteville NC.

Stylist Dre’ Ramseur Blanton has come up with a sexy, long style that will be sure to turn heads. The hair is parted to the side and will be curled at the very bottom in a spiral. Bangs need to be kept to the side. The thing that really makes this style pop is the rich copper color of the hair. Dre’ is the owner of Hair Infiniti Wellness Salon in Charlotte NC.

Priscilla Mendez has created a spiral curl, shoulder length style. This is a full style that looks great for formal parties. Priscilla is a cosmetologist at ALL ABOUT YOU HAIR DESIGNS in Phoenix (Peoria) AZ.

Hair stylist Deirdre Clay created as short and spunky bob for women. The bangs come down in front of the face in an asymmetrical look. By adding a bit of color to the bangs, this style is very fashion forward. Deirdre is the owner of WAVE LINKS HAIR STUDIO in Fayetteville NC.

Alvienia Middleton brings some punk to the hair. A short bob with a mo-hawk twist is all the rage. It is easy to style with some gel, and many fun colors can be added for a twist. Alvenia is a cosmetologist at Blue Velvet Hair Studio in Laurel MD.

Deanna Burton has created a simple long hair style. By simply adding some waves, curls, and color, this style works for day and night. Deanna is a cosmetologist at John O’Brian Hair Salon in statesville NC.

The look of the ocean is created by Natasha Johnson. With waves in the back and spiral curls up front, this short bob is very unique. Natasha is a cosmetologist at 10 GEMS SALON in Beaufort SC.

Tychelle Howard developed a simple long hair style that has a lot of possibilities. The color is a gorgeous auburn with subtle highlights. Tychelle is the owner of Ms. Tychelle’s Salon @ Vivaldi in Tempe AZ.

Deirdre Clay made it onto our list twice with this bob that is short on one side with hair being combed to the other side. Adding some highlights really set this style off. Again, Deirdre is the owner of Wave Links Hair Studio Inc. in Fayetteville NC.

Dre' Ramseur Blanton
Dre’ Ramseur Blanton

Andreana Ramseur Blanton is a graduated of Dudley Cosmetology University in North Carolina. She has opened two salons in her 22 years of business. Andreana is an Ambassador for Dudley Beauty Corporation. She is also a Lead International Educator where she educates cosmetologists about beauty products. Andreana later became a certified hair loss specialist. She works closely with the American Cancer Society to help fit men, women, and children with wigs while they undergo treatments. Andreana has received several awards for her work.

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