15 Hot Black Hairstyle Ideas for New Year’s Eve 2015 in Durham NC

Wendy Perry
Wendy Perry

Editor’s Note: Wendy Perry is a professional cosmetologist at Young, Sassy & Unique Hair Salon in Durham, NC. feel free to contact her for questions or to make an appointment at (520) 465-3249

It’s a new day, it’s a new season and Wynona Wendy Perry, a hairstylist in Durham North Carolina wants you to be excited about your new season and New Year. A new style is always a Hot topic for your season whether it’s a beautiful updo for a party or something short classy and sassy for a interview or you just want to step out with something new and exciting for the new year. We at Young, Sassy and Unique Hair Salon and we would love for you to let us hook you up for the New Year with a new hairstyle, color or makeup. You’re guaranteed to turn some heads and be the talk of events that you attend this New Year, remember, first impressions are lasting results.

Short and Sassy Hairstyle with Hair Color

Wendy Perry, a Professional Black Hair stylist in Durham North Carolina created this first style that can be worn for a night on the town for your New Year’s party or the office party. The models hair was highlighted in the bang area for a directional sweeping effect to the side and a soft wave in the back and sides.

Asymmetrical Short Haircut with Hair Color

Add some spice to your life this season with a high end tapered asymmetrical bob with a soft sweep bang which adds flair to this short but chic style. This world renowned stylist has a flair for making any style look professional, chic ,trendy or just upstanding for whatever your day has to offer,for the evening event you attend.  When in doubt this style.

Short Haircut with Flips and Highlights

This short style adorned with flips, razor cuts and spiked the top leaving the bangs with a pop of color to enhance her model beautiful features. This season is here for change.

Medium Length Bob Hairstyle

The look of style for medium length hair with an angle part, this Bob can be a business or casual look ,but well put together for day or evening. Are you ready for a night out on the town to bring in your New Year with style?

Edgy Updo with Texture

A professional black hair stylist in Durham North Carolina, Wendy can give you this simple loose edgy updo that would upstage any outfit you choose to step out in. 

Bob Hairstyle with a Wispy Bang

Medium length healthy hair can be styled simple but yet trendy in a stylish Bob for an expression of your style. Wendy turns styles out ,turn heads out on the town this New Year.

Chic, Short Hairstyle with Spikes

This short fierce razor cut with wispy front and bangs that frame the face.

Curly, Soft Wave Hairstyle

In order to create the height and give your face a slimmer look giving her client some soft waves using a firm foam wrap lotion applying to the edges taming down the soft hair around the face, allowing the hair to dry under a hood dryer  lifting and pumping up the waves for a soft texture of waves and curls a lasting style for your new year though the week.

Long Hairstyle with Loose Curls and Highlights

Hey put on your party dress and your heels and accessorize this beautiful elegant loose curl style for your holiday party, maybe you need something to last you the whole week.

Curly Rod Set with Highlights

Professional hair stylist Wendy Perry added vibrant burgundy wine color to this healthy head of hair for shine before setting her with tensile rods setting her under the dryer then removing rods and separating each curl for more full and vibrant look.

Medium Length Hairstyle with Flips

This medium length bob was lifted at the crown and flipped around the back and sides adorned with a wispy bangs to add flair to this trendy style.

Loose Spiral Set Hairstyle

This season long hair is what women are wearing, long loose curls with bangs, side parts with flips and layers for added flare.

Mid Length Hairstyle with Spring Curls and Copper Highlights

Wendy’s models lovely curls were made to pop by adding highlights and setting on long rollers to create this flowing cascade of curl ready for the world.

Spiked Short Haircut

Highly creative in the black world of cosmetology and hairstyling in Durham North Carolina, short hairstyles, sassy and fierce cutting and styling Wendy can give you spikes, curls and color your world & make you shine.

Cascade Curly Updo

Loose bouncy curls evolving into a gypsy upsweep falling curls around the face for elegant updo hairstyles for the new year, new season and a new you.

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