4 Way Fishtail Pinwheel Petal Ponytail from Latetia Walton

Salon: Adore’Salon N Cutz
Stylist: Latetia Walton
Model: Latetia
Make Up: Tammy

When it comes to doing their hair, women want nothing but the best. They want a hairstyle that is not only attractive, but also one that portrays their personality and their sense of fashion. There are many hairstyles out there, but only one can give you the appearance you crave for.

The 4 way fishtail pinwheel petal ponytail is an eye catching style that will leave you looking glamorous. This hairstyle is meant for young black women with the desire to stand out from the public.

Preparing this amazing hairstyle is quite easy and does not require a lot of time. Once your dreads have been prepped, it is time to start the styling. On your right hand side, running all the way to the bottom of your hair line, separate a small section of your locs. Gather the remaining locs to the center of your head and fasten them in place ensure that they are all neatly arranged to enhance a neat and tidy appearance. Style the ponytail falling from the gathered dreads. Take your attention back to the separated locs. Gather them to the right hand side. Separate a few strands and use them to tie the other locs all the way to the bottom. Fasten the bottom with a small hairband or rubber band to prevent them from coming loose and running. It is just as simple as that.

Remember to always wash your hair before changing hairstyles. This will remove dirt from the follicles and prevent further build up. Moreover, frequent hair clean will maintain your hygiene levels thus ensuring that your hair remains healthy and strong. This black hairstyle is perfect for natural locks.

To spice up your, a little color can be added to the front strands to give the entire hairstyle an edgy, more interesting look. This black hairstyle was designed by Latetia Walton from Adore’ Salon and Cuts in Jackson, MS. For more information and booking of appointments, call (850) 642- 445.

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