5 Hot New Trendsetting Hairstyles from Master Cosmetologist Tammy Herod

Tammy Herod’s new collection of hairstyles is unabashedly sexy. These youthful Black hairstyles for women make the most of the women’s natural beauty. The coloring choices accentuate the cut with panache. These haircut styles for women have the sophistication and versatility to take a woman from a professional office setting to a glamorous party in the evening, with just a change of earrings. 

There are two Short haircuts for women in the collection:

1. Deetra’s Short Haircut with Highlights and a Tepered Nape

Deetra sports a very short cut with a long bang over the right eye with side part. Her hair is sculpted up the back to accentuate the sweet curve of her head. The longish bangs are cocoa colored with ginger highlights. A youthful pixie-ish look in the back, but the front is very adult. 

2. Quasondria’s Elegant Curly Updo

Quasondria has a sassy bob styled into a French up-twist with tussled waves falling from the side. Her hair is a rich cocoa color with subtle highlights. Her side bangs come just under her cheek bones, and the effect emphasizes her happy glow.

Her Short haircuts for women are superb and Tammy Herod’s long haircut styles for women showcase the models’ youth and personality.

3. Christina’s Long Flowing Hairstyle 

Christina shows off her strong feminine side with long straight hair cut in a deep curve that begins from under the jawline to down mid back and the ends are curled under. The hair has a diagonal side part that slims a round face and adds mystery. Hair has a beautiful dark cocoa color.

4. Jasmine’s Long Curly Hairstyle with Ombre Color

Jasmin’s cut had a deep curve cut on the ends of the long hair. Jasmin’s hair is permed with a medium wave and her color is the ombre effect with dark cocoa color from the crownHairstyle to her chin and highlighted hair on the ends and accentuates the model’s heart-shaped face.

5. Kayla’s Long Ombre Hairstyle

Kayla has long hair cut that reaches mid-back with straight cut ends, sleek with the side part. The coloring is the ombre effect with dark hair reaching the chin and auburn ends.

Tammy Herod
Tammy Herod

Tammy Herod went to Dudley Cosmetology University where she was inspired to create healthy and manageable black hairstyles for women. Tammy uses Dudley products that are formulated improve health of black hair. Tammy’s clientele includes some high profile fashion professionals who seek out Tammy creative cutting-edge styles. Her clientele is steadily growing due trendy styles that are natural, healthy and easy to care for. 

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