7 Hot and Trendy Black Hairstyles for Going Back to School

While others are thinking about the vast range of issues associated with getting our children ready for a new school year, parents of African American girls know that at the very top of that list needs to be showstopping trendsetting, black hairstyles. While school supplies are always the most important, every parent wants to give their little girls the extra confidence a new doo will give them.

Kid’s hairstyles depend on many factors. Side ponytails, for instance depends on the length of the hair. A curling iron and a soft hair ribbon will do the job quickly and easily.

We asked one of the most published cosmetologists who specialize in black hairstyles, Mrs. Erma Stephens from Head’s Above Hair Studio in Crestview FL, to look through our gallery of over 5,000 hairstyles and showcase the top hairstyle trends that people will be wearing when they make that trek back to school on the first day. We are so honored to have such a wide variety of kid’s hairstyles to choose from and we want to thank all of the talented cosmetologist that created all of these beautiful hairstyles.  A very special thanks goes out to the cosmetologist who created these back to school hairstyles, Kanitra Barrett, Shakia Allen, Paulette Edwards, Lacey Singleton and Tawanna Robinson Thomas. Check out our list and let us know how you like Mrs. Stephen’s choices.

Elegant Kid’s Hairstyle from Kanitra Barrett

This elegant kid’s hairstyle from Kanitra Barrett is perfect for that very first day.  It gives the entire school that perfect first impression. If you would like more information about this hairstyle or if you want to contact Kanitra, she’s at Micah Thomas Studios,3273 Salem Rd.Covington,Ga. 30016 Phone: (678) 413-2500

Medium Kid’s Hairstyle with Blue Accent Piece from Kanitra Barrett

This flowing medium length kid’s hairstyle is also from the talented Kanitra Barrett from Micah Thomas Studios. Kanitra is one of the most published hairstylist in the Atlanta GA area. You should definitely give her a call if you are ever in her area.

100% Virgin Blowout Kid’s Hairstyle from Tawanna Robinson Thomas

This black hairstyle was created by  Fayetteville NC cosmetologist Tawanna Robinson Thomas. It has excellent light brown highlights located at the very front on the side bangs. This helps to add length to a hairstyle that is fairly short. This means that you can have the elegance of a longer hairstyle while still having the easy to take care of attributes of a shorter hairstyle. Ms. Robinson-Thomas can be reached at Girl, What’s Your Style?,861 Ridge Rd. Fayetteville, NC 28311. You can also give her a call at (910) 476-4721

A Young Girl’s “Pretty in Pink” Spunky Hairstyle from Shakia Allen

Beaufort SC cosmetologist added some pink highlights to add a little flare to this pressed look in order to compliment the model’s personality. Make sure to add a smoothing product to the hair to prevent frizz throughout the day. You can contact Shakia at 10 Gems Salon 2303 Boundary St. Sea Square, Suite 5 Beaufort, SC 29902. You can also give her a call at (843) 521-4367

Paulette Edwards’ Long Hairstyle for Kids – Twisted Half Updo

This hairstyle is a version of the twisted half updo, and is great for a kid who likes long hairstyles! It is also one of the best black hairstyles for kids. Paulette Edwards from Ultimate Creations in Beaufort SC created this beautiful doo. You can contact Paulette at Ultimate Creations, 128 Burton Hill Rd. Suite F, Beaufort, SC 29906, or give her a call at (843)522-2939

Lacey Singleton’s Natural Puff with a Twist Hairstyle

Savannah GA cosmetology Lacey Singleton created this lovely kid’s hairstyle. This is one of many beautiful black hairstyles that is a great option for kids who want to look charming without spending hours in front of the mirror. If you have any questions about this kid’s look or if you want to contact Lacey, she’s at Upscale Hair Salon, 1708 Abercorn Street, Savannah, GA, 31401 or you can call her at (912) 232-5206.

Natural Twists For African American Kids from Shakia Allen

This last hairstyle is also from Beaufort SC cosmetologist Shakia Allen. Stylist start this hairdo by thoroughly shampooing the child’s hair and using a good moisturizing conditioner. Black hairstyles don’t have to be an all day affair or irritating event for children. The style in the picture is a two strand twist covering the entire head.

Well there you have it, our list of the 7 hottest trend setting hairstyles for kids going back to school.  We want to thank our style editor Erma Stephens for doing the work to narrow down the top hairstyles from our gallery of over 5,000 hairstyles. if you have any questions, you can reach Erma Stephens at Heads Above Hair Salon in Crestview FL. You can contact her at (850) 244-3297


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