A Heavenly Place in Hair Salon

SHAE-SALONSome people are lucky to be born with the natural hair styling talent, and Sharlotte Thompson is one of those people. She has styling and entrepreneurship in her blood. Her grandmother owned a salon and both her mother and father were integral parts of the business. Even as a young girl of seven years old, Sharlotte spent her days braiding hair on her front porch. She made the decision to attend San Antonio Beauty College in 1992. After completing school and obtaining her license, she moved to Fort Walton Beach Florida and began her career as a beauty entrepreneur. In September 1994, she purchased the first black-owned nail salon in the city. Even after achieving success in the nail business, she felt that something was missing in her life.

After the birth of her second child, she rededicated her life to Christ and life seemed to fall in place; she had more clarity and focus and worked towards finding her life’s purpose. Sharlotte’s personable attitude and kind spirit had always allowed her to connect with clients and she drew on her natural ability to build relationships by doing hair. She figured that she could “Minister to the Self-esteem” through her gift of doing hair. Guarded with her faith and talents, she set out to open a Christian salon, and “A Heavenly Place in Hair” was born.

Being a mom and entrepreneur has helped Sharlotte to understand that clients need flexibility. Her hours of operation are accommodating and she even takes clients for Saturday morning appointments as early as 5am. A Heavenly Place in Hair has marketing spunk and offers discounts for first time customers as well as offers that are featured in the Eglin and Hurlburt Newspapers. Sharlotte prides herself on having a salon that provides refuge and relaxation for her clients. She is dedicated to having a salon that is free of gossiping, worldly music, profanity or any other behavior not in alignment with her and her clients’ beliefs.

Sharlotte is dedicated to staying current on the latest hair techniques and treatments. She trained under Cool C of Detroit in 2001, and has continued her passion for learning by attending ongoing training classes. She feels blessed to have the business and clientele she has worked hard to establish but she humbly gives most of the credit to God, and knows that with continued faith, dedication, and hard work she will continue to grow and prosper.

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