A Young Girl’s “Pretty in Pink” Spunky Hairstyle from Shakia Allen

Salon: 10 Gems Salon
Stylist: Shakia Allen
Model: Jada

Kid’s hairstyles can showcases a child’s personality like these pink highlights show off this girls spunkiness. In order to accomplish this hair style, you will need to apply some kind of anti frizz/heat protector to damp hair. This is especially useful for black hairstyles because it will add extra moisture and protection to the hair. Proceed to blow dry the hair. Make sure to keep the blowdryer pointing down, so the hair dries straighter. Now, take a straightener and begin to straighten the hair piece by piece. To apply a flip to the hair around the face, take a 3/4 of an inch curler and curl the bottom 3 inches of the hair. Brush the curl out with fingers to make it looked relaxed. Finally, add a smoothing product to the hair to prevent frizz throughout the day.

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