Alfreda Carrol’s Faux Hawk Hairstyle



Alfreda Carrol creates refreshing and new styles for clients, models and customers. In this look, Alfreda uses color, cut, and styling to push this look to an entirely new level. Faux hawks were made popular in the 90s when people decided that instead of cutting off all of their hair they would style their hair into a mo-hawk. Alfreda Carrol perfects an edgy take on the modern faux hawk. Model Latoya Bell wears the styled faux hawk featuring yellow hair pieces, curled hair, and corn rows. Starting with the front of the hair, this style holds a mass of perfect spiral curls from front to back of the style. To hold the style in place without shaving the models head, the style is held in pace by diagonal corn-rows that create a line from the base of the head to the curled center. The look is finished off with the curls ending at the neck and sweeping onto Latoya Bell’s shoulder and highlighted with pieces of yellow hair.


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