Amazing Multi-Dimensional Updo for 2019 by Natasha Breeden

Updo hairstyles are designed to be formal and extravagant. Updo’s are the go-to hairstyle when you want to walk into an event and immediately steal all of the attention. After all, you’re going in for a once a year (or more if you have a lot of functions) hairstyle. You want to walk out with something incredible that you couldn’t do on your own. This amazing multi-dimensional updo by Natasha Breeden definitely classifies as hair that is in the category of greatness. You cannot help but do a triple take of this hairstyle, because it is so intricate. From the highlighting to the curling, this is one updo hairstyle that is meticulous in the placement of each aspect of the style.

This beautiful model gives this style legs also. She wears the towering front curls with grace and dignity. If you like to have an elongated face, which most women do, then this style will definitely thin out your features. It can take a round or square face to an oval in no time flat. The hairstyle covers the forehead as well, which is ideal for a woman who is used to bangs.

Beautiful Updo from All Angles

The interesting features of the updo do not stop with the front. Turn the model to the side and you can see that the updo will work on women with short hair. This particular model’s natural hair is shorter, so hair additions were added to give the look fullness. If you have shorter hair, try to grow it out until the strands are long enough to be tamed downwards. If you have long hair, then your hair can be swept up into the style. It will look more natural this way, but either way would work.

The back of the hair is a bouffant. It is lovely and has some extra lift to it. The life that this back gives the hair is simply prolific. Ultimately, you will feel like a queen with so much hair towering on your head. This is even better than a beehive. It’s a look that is so neatly styled that it is like art.

Again, the back is swept up neatly. The hair from the back looks just as elegant as the front view. People will love the visual interest that your hair has. You should wear it at an event where it is alright to stand out, or where fashion-forward looks are expected. Any fancy event will do the trick if you don’t mind the attention you will get.

Introducing Natasha Breeden from Styles by Mo Mo in Bennettsville, SC

If you know the perfect occasion where you would like to wear this look, then book in today.  Natasha Breeden is at the salon Styles by Mo Mo. It is in Bennettsville, SC. The salon’s phone number is (910) 627-5455. The friendly staff will let you know all the details on how you need to prepare to get this updo hairstyle, and if you need to come in for a consultation. When you’re ready for that once in a lifetime look, give Natasha Breeden a call.

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