Andrenika’s Style Step-by-Step

Andrenika is wearing an adorable, yet versatile hairdo that can be accessorized with glitter or decorative barrettes for a formal event, but still looks casual enough to wear to the office. It’s a simple look that’s easy to execute. This style works best with medium-long hair. 

ANDREKA-STEPS21. Part the hair on the side and section off the bangs, plus a little more that will hang with the bangs to accent the client’s face.

2. Pull the remaining hair back into a sleek ponytail, right at the occipital bone. 

3. Remove 8-10 random sections of hair from the top of ponytail and twist them each individually until they double-back upon themselves. Use a hair pin to secure them to the base of the ponytail, leaving a 2-3 inch tail. 

4. Use a 1.5 inch round or a flat iron on each of those “tails” to create delicate arches that spray away from the top of the ponytail. 

5. Use a 1-2 inch round iron on the remaining hair in the ponytail, to create long spirals. Once each curl has cooled, brush them together so that the ponytail is one ringlet. 

6. Use a flat iron on the bangs. Follow behind the iron with the back end of a comb so that it lays flat against the client’s forehead as it cools. Turn the iron slightly as you reach the ends of the longer portions, so they gently curve into the client’s face. 

7. Finish with a mist of setting spray.

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