Bang’n Hues of Blonde Long Curly Hairstyle from Jackie Evans

Salon: All About You Hair Designs
Stylist: Jackie Evans
Model: Shae

Want to look like a bombshell? Try this dreamy blonde look with sexy side swooping bangs and vibrant curls. 

First comes achieving the perfect color, which consists of getting the right mix of blonde and honey shades. Then long bangs are cut and sleeked to flatter the frame of your face. In a final step hair must be divided into specific sections and worked with a hot iron to create big, bouncy, beautiful curls. The crown is built up with height and volume to make the surrounding curls really stand out. Forget flat, lifeless hair that sits limply on your shoulders. This particular look is a really fun spin on long hair styles. 

Curly hairstyles can be tricky, so you definitely do not want to try this look at home. Make sure you find a professional salon with a hairdresser who specializes in black hair styles.


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