Beautiful Curly Sew in for Natural Hair from Lakeishia Pipkin

This curly sew-in for natural hair was created by Fayetteville, NC hair stylist Lakeishia Pipkin from Charisma Beauty Institute. Lakeishia uses splashes of warm color tones infused throughout the style to create a fiery atmosphere for this model. The hair color is a custom blend, created by Lakeishia, just for this model also. The sew-in, the custom hair color technique, and the intricate curl pattern create an elegant, flowing doo. This will allow this model to be the center of attention wherever she goes. Just as important, keep her natural hair healthy underneath, the whole time.

The most beautiful part about sew-in hairstyles is their protective abilities for the client’s natural hair. As long as they are properly applied, (which is why choosing the correct hair stylist to apply the sew-in procedure is so important) sew-ins give the clients natural hair the chance to rest from the stresses of heat application, wind and dirt particles in the air, and the stresses we put on our hair during everyday life. 

Salon: Charisma Beauty Institute
Stylist: Lakeishia Pipkin
Model: Janiya
Makeup: Jocelyn Combs

Start with a Quality Sew in Procedure

Curly Sew in for Natural Hair - 16
Stylist: Lakeishia Pipkin / Salon: Charisma Beauty Institute / Model: Janiya / Make Up: Jocelyn Combs

The foundation for creating an eye-catching hairstyle, using hair extensions, that will keep your hair healthy as well, is a quality, sew in application. Many people overlook the importance of choosing a quality cosmetologist with excellent referrals and a great portfolio of previous sew-in applications. Tragically, some people will bypass this step and look for the person who offers the best price as their only criteria for choosing who they will allow putting their hands-on parts of their body. If you’re serious about getting a look like this curly sew-in for natural hair, then you can’t overlook the process for choosing the best hairstylist to apply the sew-in. Improperly applied sew-ins can create health problems down the road. Improperly applied sew-ins do not allow the client’s hair to breathe, or they can be applied to tight, in such a way as to damage the client’s scalp and hair follicles.

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As she was creating this curly sew-in for natural hair, Lakeishia was careful to monitor the tension the client’s hair would have to endure. Her expertise when applying the sew-in technique, allows the hair to be secure, while not being so tight as to stress the scalp or damage the client’s edges. Lakeishia also uses oils and moisturizers as she is braiding the client’s natural hair and preparing to perform the sew-in technique. This ensures that the client’s natural hair doesn’t dry out or get brittle and break off while wearing this sew in hairstyle. Lakeishia Pipkin is a professional cosmetologist who works diligently to ensure that while her clients may have the hottest curly sew-in for natural hair out there, they will have a healthy situation underneath for their hair.

Curly Sew in for Natural Hair

Curly Sew in for Natural Hair - 17
The foundation of any curly sew-in for natural hairstyle is a quality sew-in technique

The sew-in technique forms the foundation of the look. This curly sew-in for natural hair incorporates some eye-popping hair color and a loose barrel curl pattern. This makes the hairstyle a definite attention-getter, along with its abilities to protect the client’s hair. The hair color is a custom blend of red and gold hues, created specifically for this model by Lakeishia Pipkin from Charisma Beauty Institute in Fayetteville, NC. This hair color was created specifically for this client, and this look. Lakeishia considered the model’s skin tones, color preferences, and her facial shape, to custom create a hair color that accentuates all the model’s positive features.

Along with the beautiful hair color, Lakeishia added loose barrel curls throughout the hair, to give the model’s hair some, bounce and volume. The curl pattern adds movement to the hair also. Lakeisha Pipkin’s goal was to create a stunning sew-in, hairstyle. However, she wanted to keep the client’s hair protected at the same time. She easily accomplished that feat with this curly sew-in for natural hair. A look that is accomplished with a quality sew in application, a custom hair color, and a loose barrel curl.

At Home Maintenance

Curly Sew in for Natural Hair - 12
Beautiful hair color, flowing barrel curls, and a quality sew-in technique come together in this hairstyle

This curly sew-in for natural hair is beautiful and achieves the goal of keeping the client’s hair healthy also. You may be surprised at how easy it is to maintain this hairstyle away from the hair stylist’s chair. Lakeishia Pipkin from Charisma Beauty Institute in Fayetteville, NC tells you how to do it. She says to keep this hairstyle looking salon fresh, first, use a daily moisturizer on the scalp. Next, you should wrap the hair every night with flexi-rods also. Finally, wrap their hair every night with a silk cloth. These simple techniques will allow the wearer to enjoy a beautiful, eye-catching hairstyle. One that utilizes a sew-in application technique, yet keeps their hair healthy, all the while.

Introducing Lakeishia Pipkin from Charisma Beauty Institute in Fayetteville, NC

Lakeishia Pipkin is a nationally published hairstylist and educator. She is located at Charisma Beauty Institute, 6441 Yadkin Rd., Suite – C in Fayetteville, NC. Her work has graced the pages of some of the largest publications in the Black hair industry. Along with creating stunning, healthy hairstyles, Lakeishia is also an educator. She is teaching the skills and techniques she’s uncovered over the years, to a new generation of cosmetologists.

Lakeisha is an expert in the hair industry, specializing in Black hairstyles but proficient in all types of hair textures. When you are ready to create a hairstyle that is beautiful, functional, and keeps your hair healthy, call Lakeishia Pipkin. You can reach her at (910) 745-9848. Allow her to work her magic on you or someone close to you.  This curly sew-in for natural hair is an excellent example of why Lakeishia is in such high demand.

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