Beautiful Flaming Layers Short Hairstyle by Tanisha Holland

Finding the right hair style for an individual can be difficult. Specifically, the type of hair style that will add character to one’s face, make it bring out one eyes and other things that will give the person their signature style whenever they step out of Durham hair salons. Fortunately, with hair stylists like Tanisha Holland, women to not have to travel too far. Since Tanisha has styles that cater to different ages, there is something for everyone that goes into her shop. In fact, there is one style that is meant to turns heads and it is called Beautiful Flaming Layers Medium Hairstyle.

The beautiful flaming layers medium is ideal for women who have permed hair or hair that has been straightened by a hot comb. Either way, this style is best suited for those who do not have their own natural hair, but hair styles that have been straightened from the crown of their head to the ends of the hair.

Salon: Confession Weave & Natural Hair
Stylist: Tanisha Holland
Model: Destiny
Make Up: Deirdre Clay

In addition to an individual wearing their hair in a straightened fashion, it is also important to note that this hair style is also made for those who have shoulder length hair. Meaning this hair style is not made for those who like to wear long hair, but like a more shorten sassy look that they can play with. However, one requirement for this particular hairstyle is the longer bangs that give it a little extra pizzazz. The long bangs are styled in a fashion that does not necessarily cover the eyes, but it has a length that can be managed just below the eye brows. Therefore, the person who wears these bangs do not have to concern themselves with dealing with hair obstructing their view as they walk around sporting their new short hairstyles for women hairdo.

Another characteristic of this hairstyle is the color in which it its worn. Therefore, this hair style may be a meaningful change for those who normally like to go black and those that like to put a little blonde in their hair from time to time. Instead, with this hair style, the primary color that makes this hair style stand out is the bold red color that is sported. Starting with the color of the bangs and then shining throughout random strains of hair. In fact, read and black simply looks great for those who want to be a red head.

The cut of this hair style is also quite unique when it comes to how each layer is positioned. Yes, the bangs are layered in a fashion that appears to swerve around from the front to the side and then the back. With a semi-invisible part on the right side of the head, and a cuff at the back of the length makes it an effective way to finish. Therefore, this style usually goes well for a night out on the town with friends, a church event or a good style to start out on Monday on the job. Whatever the case, this is one of the sassy black hairstyles that many women tend to love, and overall it is a great look for those who want a change.

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