Long Silk Press Hairstyle


February / 2019

Beautiful Long Silk Press Hairstyle from Earlisia Torrence


If you need a beautiful blow out that is chemical free, then try a silk press hairstyle. The pressing action delivers long lasting shine. It will even work on your hair if you have long black hair.  

Silk Press Hairstyle

There used to be less options available for black women that want straight hair. This was especially true if you have long hair. But thanks to this innovative technique, you can have the long, beautiful, sleek hair for the day that you dreamed of. And the best part is that you don’t have to apply relaxer to get the look that you want.  

Salon: Elegant Tresses
Stylist: Earlisia Torrence
Model: Earlisia
Make Up: Jocelyn Combs

This look is great for all day wear. You can feel confident when you wear it outside because your hair will stay in shape. It’s a great way to have a change from curly hair. This style is something that you will want to visit your stylist for again and again.  

 It can be so nice to come into the salon for a blow out and style. Treat yourself today to a special straight hairstyle. You can feel good knowing that you are also being good to your hair. This gentle pressing will take out the kink in your hair. And you will leave with a spring in your step.  

This innovative look can be yours without damage to your hair. You can have the blow out that you always dreamed of on your long hair. This is a revolutionary procedure for black women who like chemical free straight hair.

Introducing Earlisia Torrence from Elegant Tresses in Winston-Salem, NC

If you feel that you must have this look, Earlisia Torrence’s Elegant Tresses at 4680 Brownsboro Rd, Suite – A2 in Winston-Salem, NC 27106, USA 1 336-725-6641. You will need to specify that you are booking in for a silk press so that the stylist can be ready to perform the look that you want.  

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