Beautiful Short Hairstyle with Flipped Bang from Brione Bullock



Model: Torrie K

Have the trend of the hottest singer is Hollywood. Rhianna’s A-symmetrical hairstyle can be found on Torrie in this jet black a-symmetrical, A-line haircut. The cut of this style shaves about an inch all around the head except for a large section on the right side where one side resembling an a-line bob is left to the hair. An a-line style never fails to frame a woman face and make her look and feel special. Torrie King’s look is great if you don’t want to spend hours on your look everyday. This style is edgy, ready for someone who is looking for a fresh hairstyle or a fanatic Rhianna fan. No matter what your reason, this super short hairstyle colored deep black is perfect for a low maintenance but high fashion look.


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