Beautiful Updo Hairstyle and Make Up Tutorial from Tammy Herod

Salon: Tammy’s Hair Gallery
Stylist: Tammy Herod
Model: Quasondria


If you’re ready for a change in your look, the summer is the best time to embark on that adventure. Here are a few tips to help you reach your new look. This hairstyle is perfect for a night out with the girls, a presentation at work, or friday date night. The shine and luster of this hairstyle will have people taking about it for days. Create this look with just a few quick steps: 

– Shampoo and dry your hair as normal. Remember to use conditioner for that “ultra-glossy” look.
Tip: Flip your head over so your hair is falling in the direction of the ground. Dry the roots of your hair in this position for   approximately one minute, for extra volume. 

– Curl your hair as normal, with a 1 in curling iron, leaving bangs out.
– Part your hair on the far right side.
– Beginning with the right side, roll your hair as if you were rolling up a yoga mat. 
– When completely rolled, use bobby pins to secure. 
– Add hairspray to minimize flyways.

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