Beyonce Makes Waves in Hair Fashion


Letting your roots show is the current trend, and Beyonce Knowles certainly has fashion sense! The sexy singer had about an inch of her natural dark brown hair showing underneath a cascade of gorgeous caramel blonde. While on some women this color would appear brassy or unnatural, on the singer it complemented her skin tone and made her face glow. Long hairstyles, especially classically curly hairstyles, are making their comeback in Hollywood’s highest circles of fashion, and Beyonce proved that women of color can rock luxurious loose curls too. Black hairstyles have mostly centered on flat ironing or tighter pincurls, but the hostess of Lorraine Schwartz’s “2BHAPPY” Jewelry Collection Launch emerged as a trendsetter in both curly style and color.

The key in creating this hairstyle was finding a color that made Beyonce’s skin radiate, letting the roots grow out for about two months, and treating the hair to conditioning before styling. Black hairstyles require more conditioning treatment because of the special needs of ethnic hair, but properly treated and put up in large curlers- well, just look at this beautiful style!

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