Blunt Cut Bob Hairstyle with Movement from Shauna Robinson

Fashionistas agree that in any list of the hottest hairstyles today, you must mention the blunt cut bob hairstyle. Just ask celebrities like Niki Minaj and Kerri Washington why they love this hairstyle so much.  Charlotte, NC based hairstylist Shauna Robinson from Salon Cheveux Int’l takes the blunt cut bob to a whole new level with this stunning hairstyle designed to have flowing movement as the model walks by. Shauna also added blonde hair color to the ends to add a little panache as the golden tipped locs flowed through the air. The look is achieved through a precision haircut, using several professional techniques.

Hair: Shauna Robinson
Salon: Salon Cheveux Int’l
Model: Shauna
Makeup: Jocelyn Combs

Blunt Cut Bob Hairstyle with Movement

Shauna Robinson gave us a little secret when we asked her about this beautiful hairstyle. The movement, she says, comes from the haircut. To make this hairstyle free-flowing and bouncy, yet staying in perfect bob form, Shauna Robinson created the movement through the haircut. She used a combination of shears, clippers, and a razor was used to create precise angles that will allow the model’s hair to fly behind her as she walks and falls perfectly in place when she stops. Shauna Robinson from Salon Cheveux Int’l created the perfect look that has movement and structure at the same time.

Taking care of this blunt cut bob hairstyle is effortless as well. To keep this bob looking salon fresh, the model should just comb her hair back every night and wrap her hair in a satin or silk bonnet to keep the frizzies away.

Introducing Shauna Robinson from Salon Cheveux Int’l in Charlotte, NC

Anyone who knows Shauna Robinson will tell you that she is a giant ball of motivating energy. Originally from New York, Shauna put 1000% percent in everything she does. The beautiful thing about Shauna is that she puts the same amount of energy supporting others in her community. She is truly a person who finds joy in seeing others succeed. On top of her beautiful spirit, Shauna Robinson is one of the most accomplished hair stylists in Charlotte, NC. Her work has appeared in dozens of black hair magazines and she regularly teaches other hairstylists her signature styling techniques in seminars around the country.

Sitting in Shauna’s chair is definitely an honor. Give her a call today at (704) 727-2959 and treat yourself to the Shauna Robinson experience. Feel free to stop by the salon at 2076 Ayrsley Town Blvd. also.

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