Cascade of Colors with Pin Curls from Pam Webster

Salon: Greg’s Professional Barber & Beauty Salon
Stylist: Pamela Webster
Model: Ashla
Make Up: Deirdre Clay

When it comes to classic styles, there’s nothing like pin-curls. This hairstyle originated in the early 50’s and is still relevant today. And hair stylist Pam Webster shows us just how relevant with a touch of waves. Let’s see how easy it is to do at home.

What You Need:
Rat-tail comb
Foam Wrapping lotion
Double prong clips
Hooded Dryer

Step 1: Shampoo Hair
Starting with clean hair makes it easier to manipulate. After rinsing, make sure to comb get rid of any tangles you may have.

Step 2: Add Foam Wrapping Lotion
Add wrapping lotion to your hair. Add enough so that the hair can be slickly molded as closely to the scalp as possible. Remove excess lotion on the ends, as this will result in longer drying times.

Step 3: Create Your Pin-Curls
Begin creating curls at the front of the head. Take small sections and wrap them between your thumb and your forefinger to create small loops. Roll upwards until you reach your head. Use your prong clip to pin this spiral to your hair. Continue until the curls cover the entire top of your head and stop just above your ears.

Step 4: Create Waves
Use the back of your comb to create ‘S’ patterns. The larger the ‘S’, the larger the wave. Waves should extend to the base of the neck.

Step 5: Dry
Sit underneath a hooded dryer. Depending on the thickness of your hair, it should take between 1 to 1 and a half hours.

Step 4: Remove Clips
Once the hair is completely dry, remove the clips. The goal is to ensure that your hair holds its shape. You may also finger pick the curls to give them body.

If you’d like to add hair color to this style or are interested in other black hairstyles by Pam, contact Greg’s Professional Barber & Beauty Salon in Mobile, AL. Call (251) 473-9575.

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