Check Out This Kids Hairstyle with Vibrant Hair Color from Lacey Singleton

Pretty in Pink takes us all back to our girly days and moments. But, Lacey Singleton has found the way to take our girlish fantasies to a more edgy and older reality with this kids hairstyle with vibrant hair color. This free-flowing look is one of spunk, gusto, confidence and trend. Color is in as It has been for quite a while. Dare to be playful with your hair.

Salon: Upscale Hair Salon
Stylist: Lacey Singleton
Model: India
Make Up: Ursula Kershaw

Beautiful Kids Hairstyle with Vibrant Hair Color

A kids hairstyle with vibrant hair color like this can be tweaked for your style or achieve the very same look. If pink is your chosen color, then candy pink you shall have, but the color can be substituted for one of your choice. Lacey chose to add a pop of color with colored tracks to protect the integrity of the hair. That is a professional decision that comes from years of wanting not just to see your clients in hot styles but upholding healthy hair and fashion. The flow of the style ends up in a layered pin curl bang high lightening the pink with beautiful layers and pink pin curls. Despite the pink hair being commercial hair, it was blended so well that it would require a double take to be able to tell. She followed up with silkening and bumping the hair for maximum sheen.

Introducing Lacey Singleton from Upscale Hair Salon

Sunny Savannah Georgia is the home of Upscale Hair Salon. Lacey Singleton is one of the wonderful stylists that can turn your uniqueness into a creative style. Your hairstyle would be in the best of hands because Carla has proven her spot as a skilled professional.  Upscale and the staff aim to provide a friendly atmosphere for each and every client for each and every visit. There are a couple of ways schedule an appointment including the salon number 912-232-5206 or the convenient website. Either way that you book, you will not regret it. 

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