Check Out This Stunning Silver Hair Color from Lacey Singleton

This simple and classy silver hair color is for the elegant and classy lady. The highlight here is the crisp and clean hair color that was achieved between the stylist and model. Long and healthy hair may only be a few appointments away. Long time professional Lacey Singleton has taken the drab to a new trendy and multi purposed do.

Salon: Upscale Hair Salon
Stylist: Lacey Singleton
Model: Janice
Make Up: Ursula Kershaw

Go from Natural Gray to A Stunning Silver Hair Color

A professional knows the do’s and don’ts to achieve a result. Lacey has been careful to take certain steps to create such a well-polished look. Grey and greying hair is very difficult to take care of, especially in a straight state. Grey hair is naturally rebellious and takes real knowledge to get it to comply as well as Lacey has. The taming began in the shampoo bowl.

Proper products aid in prepping the hair for straitening. Lacey then used a quality flat iron that also imparts sheen and moisture as it straightens. The styling is on point, but the lovely hue of silver that was achieved is the miraculous part. Silver hair color tends to be a dingy color of yellow or other tones. As a professional, Lacey has given a very vibrant silver hair color that is well toned. Defying all the odds, Lacey has achieved healthy, long, well moisturized silver hair.

Introducing Lacey Singleton from Upscale Hair Salon

If you are in desperate need of a professional to tame and brighten up your grey hair, then Lacey is the ideal cosmetologist. Many ladies with crowning glories would love to rock their lovely grey hair, but they find that is dingy instead of bright and clean. Finding a stylist with the ability to fix this can be difficult. Lacey can be reached in Upscale Hair Salon in the wonderful city of Savannah Georgia. You may reach her in the salon (912-232-5206) or by website.

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