Classy, Sexy and Curly Black Hairstyle from Clarese Andrews


Salon: Hairbraiding by Clarese
Stylist: Clarese Andrews
Model: Clarese
Make Up: Deirdre Clay

This black hairstyle was created by Clarese Andrews of Hairbraiding & Hairweaving at 3613 Daughtridge Drive, Fayetteville, NC 28311. This particular style is being modeled by Clarese Andrews herself. This curly black hairstyle is a deep wave, twist out, quick weave. The color is natural black using 2 packs of 12 inch deep wave hair and one pack of 10 inch deep wave hair.

In order to achieve this black hairstyle, Clarese first had to cornrow her dreadlocks into one cornrow. 2nd, Clarese placed a stocking cap onto her scalp to hold the cornrow in place. 3rd she placed a plastic cap on the scalp to prevent any glue from soaking through to the hair. Ok last she places another stocking cap on the head to begin creating her style. Clarese begins to open up her first pack of 12 inch deep wave. She then went to measure from one side of the nape area to the other. Ok, once Clarese has measured her track, she begins to place glue onto the track and lays it on the area that she just measured. Clarese continues this procedure using half inch spaces in between the tracks. Once you have laid the last track at the tip of the ear on both sides, the next track will begin at the temple area of the head to the other side. Continue laying the tracks from side to side until you have created a close circle in the crown the head. Glue each tracks going in a circular motion until the circle is completely closed. 

Once the procedure has been completed. Clarese sprayed a lite shine and moisturizer on her hair. She then twisted 6 twists in the hair. After 30 minutes she took the twist out and styled the hair. To have Clarese create this hairstyle for you, stop by her salon at Hairbraiding and Hairweaving Salon, or give her a call at (910) 977-2724.


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