Short Hairstyle with Highlights from Antavia Crawford



Model: SHAUN M

SHAUN-MURPHY051910-(4) SHAUN-MURPHY051910-(3) SHAUN-MURPHY051910-(2) SHAUN-MURPHY051910-(1)

Antavia Crawford is a professional hair stylist who has cuts that have been featured in professional hair styling magazines such as Hype Hair.

Crawford is known for creating beautiful hair concoctions such as Shaun Murphy’s hairstyle. This style is created by using highlights to lighten up the top layer of the hair. Hair is then razor cut into an angled bob. The back of the hair is angled to one side to reveal the bottom layer of darker hair. This provides a unique contrast. The front of the hair has a long layer that sweeps to one side over the eye for added sex appeal. The other side of the hair is cut short. This is a chic hairstyle that has arrived just in time for the warmer weather.

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