Elegant Ponytail with Cornrows and Hair Color from Felix A. McNeill

Salon: Beauty and Beyond
Stylist: Felix A. McNeill
Model: Elizabeth

This popular, trendy black hairstyle is not your average side ponytail with pin curls.  Created by professional hair stylist Felix A. McNeill at Beauty and Beyond Hair Salon in Franklinville, N.C. Elizabeth is wearing an intricate, Japanese dragon inspired, pin curled up-do complete with a side ponytail. First the hair was combed with a wide tooth comb and checked for any tangles or scalp abrasions.


Her hair was then shampooed with Design Line’s Olive Oil shampoo followed by a reconstructing conditioner.  Hair was then towel tried and blown dry with a hand held dryer with a wide tooth comb attachment.  Split ends where clipped to prevent hair from splitting any further.   Elizabeth’s scalp was then lightly saturated with Prestige Gold’s Tea Tree conditioning hair dress which tingles.  The Tingling stimulates the scalp and promotes hair growth. After preparing the scalp for styling synthetic braiding hair was used in designing an elaborate cornrow design. This particular design was created using an initial diagonal parting from the crown area to the lower nape.  Synthetic hair was added in each braid in order to protect her hair from excessive tugging.  The ends of each cornrow were used to create braided ridges.  These ends of these ridges were later used to create a tight bun by using an elastic ban.  This bun served as a foundation for the side ponytail. A circular cornrow was then placed in the top front of the clients head.  Human hair tracks of blonde, indigo blue, purple, and electric red where then sewn to that cornrow in a circle pattern. Some of her hair was purposely left out in the very front to camouflage the tracks. The excess wefts were then sewn and then pinned to that bun to create the multi-dimensional side ponytail.  This ponytail gives the look a dramatic effect.  The human hair wefts that were sown in as well as her hair were then used to create standing, intertwined pin curls.  This gives the style height. All hair pins were made secure then the hanging ponytail was clipped to the desired length and then flat ironed for smoothness.  The completed style was then misted with firm spritz and sat under the dryer for 5 minutes. This attention grasping style must be worn with an attitude of sassiness and spunk.

Felix A. McNeill

Beauty and Beyond Hair Salon

143 Faith Rock Road,

Franklinville N.C. 27248

Stylist phone number – 336.301.4764


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