Constance Purnell’s Bob Hairstyle with Hair Color


Model: Andriana G


Stylist Constance Purnell has renewed interest in short styles with her sassy short “swing’ bob for Adriana Glover.

The lush red color of Adriana’s hair, coupled with the side and back interest offer the casual viewer a very flattering appearance for Ms. Glover without obscuring her face. The flip back of the bangs is exceptionally attractive, and as Adriana turns, the shape of her hairstyle follows, culminating with the splashy swinging appearance at the back. The drama created heightens the seductive appearance, creating an elegant, upscale style that’s very easy on the eyes. The absence of a part in the hair allows the style a continuity which flows from front to back. Odds are that Adriana Glover is extremely pleased with the resulting sultry look.

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