Corkscrew Basket Weave Men’s Hairstyle from Nacole Brown

Salon: Coco’s Natural Hair Salon
Stylist: Nacole Brown
Model: Jeremy
Make Up: Deirdre Clay

Men also love looking good with their dreadlocks. There are various black hairstyles you can implement as a man and look good but the most trendy has to be this Natural Men’s Hairstyle. So what makes this hairstyle so good that most men have it?
If you have fine hair dreads then this could be the best hairstyle for you. Starting from front , tie the hair down making a pattern. This will make your dreads stay out of your face and bring out the shape of your face. You also don’t want your face to look too hairy.
this hairstyle is designed to look neat and organized. The hairstyle is also good for both formal and informal functions. This means that you can put on any outfit and you will still look trendy.
The good thing about this corkscrew basket weave is that you can also add beads or rings to beautify them and they will still be visible. This hairstyle will keep dreadlocks off your collar and give you an easy time.

How to create this Corkscrew Basket Weave Men’s Hairstyle

Divide the dreadlocks into three sections. Take the very ends of the dreads and pull them up and twist to give it a nice doesn’t have to be very neat as long as it stays. So to do that, take a couple of these dreads and wrap them and take a bobby pin and pin them up.
Go to the inside and collect a couple of the ends of the dreads and pin them to the base to stay in place. You will also want to go to the outside and secure it a little bit more. Twist from the scalp and make sure they have an overall uniform look.
If you haven’t gotten a perfect look then you need to consult Nacole Brown from Coco’s Natural Hair in Fayetteville, NC, the creator of the Corkscrew Basket Weave Men’s Hairstyle. For more information you can call (910) 487-2958.

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