Cornrowed Underhand Braided Asymmetric Bob Hairstyle with a Hair Color

Salon: Beauty and Beyond
Stylist: Felix A. McNeill

Envisioned by professional stylist Felix A. McNeill of Beauty and Beyond Hair Salon of Franklinville N.C., Khristian is wearing a trendy, cornrowed underhand braided asymmetric bob with a blue streak. Hair was detangled with a detangling comb and checked for split ends.  Split ends should be taken care of as to not stick out of the braids in your final result.  The model’s tresses were thoroughly shampooed and conditioned with Silk Elements Olive Oil and conditioner. Hair was then saturated with Olive Oil foam wrapping lotion and two small pumps of Macaroon oil. Then the hair was towel dried and blown try with a handheld blown dryer and paddle brush.  This makes sure that the hair is completely dry without too much pulling.  The clients scalp was then lightly based with hair food conditioning hair dress to prevent the scalp from becoming dry and causing hair to become brittle.  Approximately 3 to 5 packs of Jumbo Synthetic braiding hair in color 1B was used to create this look. Only 1 pack of indigo blue synthetic braided hair was used in the style.  3 inch subsections were used to create the fullness.  Each cornrow was completed using small amounts of braiding hair. After the cornrow portion of each braid was complete Felix then began under braiding each braid to give the look that bump affect.  This technique is a form or braiding he gained from watching his mother and aunts when he was a small boy captivating by the art of hair. Three subsections of cornrowed layers were used in the back and nape. The front top section of Khristian’s hair was diagonally parted toward the longer side to give the style that asymmetric look.  When braiding was complete each braid was then cut and sealed with a flame to it perfect length.  Then all of the braids were bent and shaped into place by hand.  The style was then clipped of loose hairs and then misted with a shine gloss to give it that dazzling affect.  This look can be worn as a protective style for a trendy who is always on the go.

Felix A. McNeill

Beauty and Beyond Hair Salon

143 Faith Rock Road,

Franklinville N.C. 27248

Stylist phone number – 336.301.4764



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