Cropped Side with Curls and Color from Tracie Esmond

Salon: Girlfriends Beauty Salon
Stylist: Tracie Esmond
Model: Lorelle
Make Up: Deirdre Clay

There are lots of different hairstyles that you can do the cropped side look. This look combines the color and curls with this sexy look. This specific awesome hairstyle was created by Tracie Esmond at the Girlfriends Beauty Salon in Ft. Walton Beach, Florida so if you want the stylist who created this look check her salon out. Her salon is a pinnacle of style and we would really recommend her work. Now onto the exciting part, how to create this amazing look. Firstly, you will have to have a portion of your hair dyed which is simple enough. Just portion off a small part of the front of your hair you can dye it to go with your hairstyle. Now that we have everything set up it is best to start by adding some styling gel through your hair (about ping-pong ball size should be more than enough). Part your hair at an angle over one of your eyes and then portion off the left side. Blow dry the left side and use a brush going from roots to tips which will allow you to easily achieve the simplistic, yet beautiful part of this look. Finish the swept fringe on one side by using the curling iron and use a medium hold hair spray on this part. This look is not the hardest to create, but looks amazing. This sexy look works for any situation, but really works for formal situations. Once again remember to check out Tracie Esmond for more on hairstyles like this and her salon.

Feel free to give Tracie a call at (251) 473- 9575.

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